My Great American Abortion Clinic Family Road Trip

My husband, 5-year-old son and I climbed into our SUV and took a road trip this summer. And we stopped to visit independent abortion care providers along the way.

Alabama Attorney General Candidate Wants to Use a State Militia to End Legal Abortion

Samuel McLure—an adoption lawyer and anti-choice activist—hopes to secure the Republican nomination for attorney general in Alabama and make it “hell on earth” for abortion providers.

Ask a Doctor

A feminist-founded group of Ohio doctors is vocal in its support of health care and abortion rights.

TAKE ACTION: Urge Business Leaders to Break Their Silence on Abortion Rights

Business leaders said nothing as 28 states this year alone introduced bills to ban all or some abortions. Challenge them to break their silence—and save women’s lives.

Challenging the Narrative on Sex-Selective Abortion Bans

Sex-selection bans are giving states a new way in which to chip away at a woman’s right to abortion. But these bills are based in outdated and misread sets of data. It’s time to set the record straight.

Terrorism Recruitment is Being Driven by Bride Prices

Many young, male recruits who are driven to terrorist organizations for financial reasons are actually aspiring to use the money to help themselves and their brothers get married.

Oregon Insurers Are Now Required to Cover All Reproductive Healthcare Costs—Including Abortion

Legislation signed into law today in Oregon requires insurance companies to cover all reproductive healthcare costs and procedures—including abortion—regardless of the patient’s income, citizenship status or gender identity.

Federal Judge Blocks Alabama Law That Put Minors Seeking Abortion on Trial

Nearly three years after it took effect, a judge has blocked an Alabama law that put girls seeking abortion through a trial-like process in which they were defendants and their fetuses were represented by lawyers.

When the Personal Becomes Political: Exploring the Power of Abortion Storytelling

Two researchers set out to explore what would happen if women were in an environment in which they felt safe disclosing their reproductive histories—and found that women had the capacity to change their friends’ perspectives with their own stories.

Lawmakers and Advocates Urge the DCCC to Stand Firm on Abortion Rights

Women’s lives are on the line—will Democrats stand firm in saving them?

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