The Portrayal is Political: Analyzing Abortion Onscreen

Television shows were more likely this year than in years prior to depict abortions as a means of bodily autonomy—but despite an insurgence of progressive and pointed political statements, many plot lines still missed the mark.

Federal Judge Rules Against Trump Administration’s Contraception Rules

The administration’s rules allow employers, universities and insurers to deny women access to comprehensive reproductive health care coverage by citing religious or moral objections.

Contraceptive Use in Poorer Nations is Increasing—And Saving Lives

Efforts to improve contraceptive access in poorer countries resulted in the prevention of 84 million unintended pregnancies, 26 million unsafe abortions and 125,000 maternal deaths in one year alone.

For Women in the Military, Choice is Complicated

U.S. servicewomen—who have higher rates of unintended pregnancy than civilian women—do not have adequate access to abortion services and related care.

The Trump Administration’s Child Tax Credit Scheme Isn’t About Reproductive Justice

Paying women to have more kids will help big business at the expense of equality, child welfare and the environment.

The Abortion War Isn’t The Only Battleground for Women’s Lives

It is time for a new movement. And it’s time to escape the absurd standoff—in which we hurl rhetoric about choice and life while so many women have far too little of either.

Breaking Down How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics

“I want people to be mad because they were duped. Because our lives don’t have to be this hard.”

The First Anti-Abortion Extremist To Murder An Abortion Provider Has Been Denied Parole

On Wednesday, a review board in Florida denied parole to convicted murderer Michael Griffin, who fatally shot Dr. David Gunn outside of a Pensacola clinic in 1993.

Girls in White Dresses

Forced child marriage isn’t just a problem abroad. Thousands of U.S. girls are married off each year—often to adult men—in places like the South Bronx and Lincoln City and the Silicon Valley. It’s time state laws protected them.

Polish Police Invaded the Offices of Feminist Activists After a Pro-Choice Protest

On October 2, thousands of activists marched in Poland in protest of the nation’s repressive abortion laws. The next day, Polish police invaded the offices of two feminist groups—seizing files and computers and shutting down their operations. The Women’s Rights Centre, which advocates for legal and policy changes to ensure equal rights for all genders, and […]

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