Dear “Incel” Guys: Try Feminism for a Change

I invite you to stand against male violence—including the violence of your fellow Incels. I invite you, in the words of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, to “listen to women for a change.”

Building on #MeToo’s Momentum to Embrace Our Voices

“There is a contagious courageousness when the uniqueness of each person’s voice comes out and people can no longer ignore reality. This is when policies, workplaces and cultures start to change—which is ultimately our goal.”

Bill Cosby is Guilty

Less than a year after a jury declared a mistrial in the charges levied against the television star by Temple University employee Andrea Constand, and in the wake of the #MeToo movement, justice has finally been served in her case.

The Workplace Myth That Perpetuates Sexual Harassment

This is not merely a problem of men abusing their power—this is the result of a culture that denies, suppresses and distorts our understandings of sexuality.

The Ms. Q&A: Chessy Prout is Reclaiming Her Narrative—as a Survivor and an Activist

“I just remember wanting to be a lighthouse for survivors—for people, for boys and girls in my school who were looking to stand up and fight back against this sort of rape culture that exists in so many places. I wanted to be the person that they could come to and say: ‘How can I help? How can I stand up? Let’s fight this together.'”

This Week in Women: It’s Long Past Time We Took Gender-Based Crimes More Seriously

An Islamist in Mali is being tried by the International Criminal Court in a “groundbreaking case” for forcing hundreds of women into sexual slavery. Meanwhile, Trump is going the other direction.

Speaking Out Against the Systematic Violence Facing Rohingya Women and Girls

Razia Sultana made history Monday as the first Rohingya to ever brief the United Nations Security Council, speaking on behalf of the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security at its Open Debate on Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Women in Italy are Demanding a #MeToo Moment

Women took to the streets in 40 cities all over Italy last month with a clear warning for the patriarchy.

Girls in India Aren’t Feeling the Impacts Recent Legal Victories on the Ground

Last year, India’s highest court ruled that sex with a child was always rape, closing child marriage loopholes in their age of consent laws. Victory celebrations ensued around the world—but reports from India reveal that the ruling has been difficult to enforce at the community level.

The Ms. Q&A: Esta Soler Shatters Silence to Build Futures Without Violence

Esta Soler’s journey began with a minuscule desk in the DA’s office and a single seat at San Francisco General Hospital. In time, she would go on to redefine—and re-imagine—the fight to end domestic violence worldwide.

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