Feminist Litigators are Demanding Rights for Campus Sexual Assault Survivors—and Taking on Betsy DeVos

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos rescinded groundbreaking Obama-era guidance on campus sexual assault that made it easier for survivors to seek justice—and now, litigators are demanding her department reverse course.

Women Report Sexual Harassment More than Men, Even in Male-Dominated Workplaces

New data shows that women not only report sexual harassment at a higher rate than men, but also report sexual harassment at a higher rate than men—even in male-dominated spaces. 

Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence: Using Situational Prevention Strategies to Fight Campus Sexual Assault

To create safe, supportive environments for all people on campus, programming must consider how the campus environment impacts violence perpetration.

Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence: Self-Defense and Self-Empowerment for Women Workers

At an anti-sexual violence program designed by and for janitors, 20 female janitors proudly proclaim that yes, they are somebody; yes, they matter. For some, it is their first time considering this idea.

Child Marriage Isn’t Just Happening “Over There”

Child marriage affects 650 million women and 150 million men worldwide—including the United States and Europe. That’s one girl every 23 seconds.

The Ms. Q&A: Catharine MacKinnon Weighs in on the #MeToo Movement

Considering MacKinnon’s achievements in advancing workplace sexual harassment law in this country, I believed that her thoughts were not only warranted, but needed in this moment—so I sought her out and asked her about them.

Head Counts and Calls to Action: Major Takeaways from the Domestic Violence Census

New findings from the National Network to End Domestic Violence shed light on the profound need for an increase in funding for critical resources and services for survivors and families—and the lifesaving work that advocates perform every day.

Meet the Young Feminists Fighting Sexual Harassment in Canadian Politics

Sexual harassment and abuse are pushing women out of Canadian politics. A new group headed up by young women hopes to change the culture in order to keep them there.

Silence is the Language of Rape

Thirteen years ago I was raped. It’s been 10 years since I’ve actively spoken about that night in Boston. I know now that when I break my silence, I’m shattering the boundary suffering has imposed on me.

We Can All Fight #DoctorSexAbuse

The American Medical Association has never addressed the topic of sexually abusive doctors—but Dr. Meg Edison is insisting they act.

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