Now We Persist, Resist—and Win

Hostile sexism will make us resist and keep resisting. Hostile sexism will make us persist and keep persisting.

NEWSFLASH: Workers Protest Labor Secretary’s Nomination Nationwide

Thousands of fast-food workers today mobilized in over two dozen cities across the country to demand that Andrew Puzder withdraw his nomination from President Donald Trump to lead the Labor Department.

What Organizers Can Learn from the Women In Mississippi

The year was 1963. Dorothy Height had convened a meeting following the March on Washington in defiance of the March’s organizers.

Marching Together

“With the ferocity of historical lessons from the 1960s still to be learned, the hardest message is how to produce solidarity from times of disunity.”

March Onward with Ms.

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WATCH: Why Los Angeles Marched

The Los Angeles organizing team put together a Women’s March PSA spotlighting people who come from all walks of life. For some, the march honored the legacies of their mothers—for others, it marked the beginning of their activism.

Women’s Stories are Momentum for Change

The education and empowerment of all women could not be more pressing. To share our own stories, with women and others, is an important step forward.

5 Ways to Support Girls in the March Forward

Now is the time to join arm-in-arm with girls you know and love. Show girls—who’ll be taking over the reins soon enough—that they too can change the world.

Tell Us Your Women’s March Story!

We want to know why you marched, the moment from your march that has stuck with you and how you felt being part of feminist history. Your story may even appear in the next issue of Ms.!

This Is Just the Beginning

“I believe that the Women’s March movement sparked a new era of protest and activism.”