Why Do You #UseTheFWord?

Times have changed, and so have our cultural attitudes toward the word “feminist.”

WEBINAR: Learn How to Build Campaigns for Renewable Energy with Ms.

Ms. is hosting a free webinar with movement leaders on building and sustaining movements to boost renewables and combat climate change. RSVP today!

Reflections on the Women’s March: A Letter to My Son

You were at the Women’s March on Washington. You won’t remember it because I carried you. At just 15 weeks along, you were the size of an orange.

This Mother’s Day, We’re Fighting For Women’s Health Equality

For decades, my mom and I have been a dynamic duo using the arts to creatively fight for women’s rights. And now we are using the arts to fight for my life.

3 Ways to Celebrate 50/50 Day

Today is the first annual 50/50 Day—a global event made possible by a team of organizers, funders and sponsors fighting for a more gender-balanced world.

Grab This, Donald!

Three activists want to mobilize the resistance—literally—by converting a 20-foot truck and plastering its three sides with images and videos for a tour of the country blasting the sexism of the Trump administration and building community among feminists.

When Fashion Makes a Statement

Denim Day is tomorrow!

A Movement, Not a Moment: Inside The Outrage

“We’re not about ‘Let’s sell feminist apparel.’ We’re about women’s purchasing power being used to make a difference. We’re about donations. Having a space for conversations. That’s the point of The Outrage.”

Agitating, Educating and Subscribing

Wyoming’s elected officials have demonstrated that they’re out of touch with women’s issues and experiences. That’s why a group of women in the aptly-nicknamed Equality State are trying to subscribe each and every one of them to Ms.

Smashing Abortion Stigma, One Sticker at a Time

The 1 in 3 Campaign is holding an art-based week of action on campuses across the country to encourage women to have conversations about their abortion experience

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