These Pakistani Women Are Cutting Off Extremists’ Resources—One Thread at a Time

Mossarat Qadeem and the Tolana Mothers convinced a dozen women to stop stitching suicide jackets for extremist groups.

We Heart: These 10 Inspiring Speeches from the 2018 Women’s Marches

Celebrities, politicians and activists delivered moving, powerful speeches and performances at the 2018 Women’s Marches. Here are some of our favorites—what were yours?

Marching for an Eco-Feminist Revolution

Perhaps men named nature Mother Earth because they felt that they could dominate her, exploit her and abuse her, and that she would be silent in response—or at least unable to fight back in immediate defense.

PHOTOS: Ms. Marches On

This weekend, the Ms. community marched on—and reported back from the Women’s March front lines on Instagram.

Declaring War on Revenge Porn

Katelyn Bowden is on a mission to put an end to revenge porn.

Iranian and American Feminists Declare Solidarity During Iran-Wide Protests

“Feminism is a movement built on solidarity and intersectionality, and our fight for gender equality knows no borders.”

Don’t Despair

When I was a child growing up in middle Georgia, I thought all white men were like Donald Trump.

When We Criticize Survivors, We Ignore Those Who Didn’t Survive

This conversation cannot wait, and this is certainly not the time to tear down anti-sexual harassment activists. We must keep moving forward—not pushing back. For women of color in particular, that is the only way to survive.

#TimesUp on Period Stigma, Too

As Hollywood opens the red carpet to social change—and celebrities and others open their wallets to the movement—here’s another hashtag to add to the mix: #MenstruationMatters.

March With the Ms. Community!

We’ve launched a Ms. Marches Facebook group—a community space where our members and readers can learn more about marches, rallies and protests near them and meet up with other feminists there! 

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