When Being a Woman is More Dangerous than Being a Soldier

If women are unsure of how they can support women’s rights in conflict-affected countries, Women for Women International’s CEO Laurie Adams has the answer: invest in women.

#MeTooWhatNext: Continuing Critical Conversations and Finding Solutions at the Intersections of Sex, Power and Leadership

What are the skills and perspectives we need in order to move forward towards transformative justice and healing justice? How do we address misogyny, white supremacy and patriarchy?

Fighting Back After La Manada

The future of this case isn’t clear—but what has been clarified in the aftermath of this injustice is the power of Spain’s feminist movement.

From #MeToo to a Movement: Building an Intersectional, Global Framework for Transformative Change

While all women stand to benefit from initiatives like #TimesUp, it will take hard work to make sure no one gets left behind, or left out altogether.

Building on #MeToo’s Momentum to Embrace Our Voices

“There is a contagious courageousness when the uniqueness of each person’s voice comes out and people can no longer ignore reality. This is when policies, workplaces and cultures start to change—which is ultimately our goal.”

Building Back Better: Women Peace Activists Offering Governments a Helping Hand

From the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership partners, the success stories of two women, one from Uganda and one from Syria, prove that with persistence and resilience, obstacles can be removed.

What’s Next in the Fight for Reproductive Justice for Incarcerated Women

North Carolina officials have announced that prison officers will no longer shackle incarcerated women during childbirth—but the organizers and advocates at SisterSong, the women of color reproductive justice collective that led the campaign against shackling in the state, aren’t yet embarking on a victory march.

The Ms. Q&A: Chessy Prout is Reclaiming Her Narrative—as a Survivor and an Activist

“I just remember wanting to be a lighthouse for survivors—for people, for boys and girls in my school who were looking to stand up and fight back against this sort of rape culture that exists in so many places. I wanted to be the person that they could come to and say: ‘How can I help? How can I stand up? Let’s fight this together.'”

French Feminism from the Intersections

Unfazed by opposition and motivated by a truer sense of France’s ternary motto, Rokhaya Diallo is an envoy of black excellence recognized internationally for confronting the heteropatricarchy in tireless combat.

How Can We Be Heard If We Are Arrested?

Nations will fail to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals if the warnings of feminist activists are ignored. Unfortunately, many gender equality advocates around the world are being persecuted every day by their governments.

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