Sally Kohn is Calling for Connection and Compassion in the Age of Trump

“We can relate to each other and society in general in ways that perpetuate hate,” commentator Sally Kohn offers in her new book. “Or we can spread inclusion and equality and justice—by choosing to connect.”

Feminist and Trans Advocates are Fighting the Trump Administration’s Discriminatory Policies Together

The Health Department’s religious refusal rule ironically paved the way for a coalition of trans and feminist groups to work side-by-side—and fight back with an intersectional analysis.

The Ms. Q&A: Vanessa Mendoza Cortés is Demanding a Better Future for Women in Andorra

Described as “Andorra’s pasionaria” in a country where activism is uncommon, Vanessa Mendoza Cortés does not shy away from broaching sensitive subjects—and demanding a better future for women.

Young Feminists are Leading the Fight for Black Lives in Chicago

Founded by 18-year-old Maxine Wint and Natalie Braye and 19-year-old Sophia Byrd and Eva Lewis, Youth for Black Lives has transformed the Black liberation movement in the windy city and beyond.

Childcare Workers are Striking for Economic and Gender Justice in Australia

Late last week, hundreds of childcare centers across Australia shut their doors in order for their workers, historically underpaid and widely under-appreciated, to walk off the job as part of a national strike for higher wages.

The WalkWoke App Puts Women’s Faces and Voices at the Heart of Resistance

We must always remember that women have not and are not always safe in the public theater of protest and demonstration, whether on the streets or in digital spaces—where violence and harassment are often anonymous, faceless and unaccountable.

The Supreme Court Should #EndTheLies

The Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments this month in a case which could determine the future of fake clinics and their ability to spread misinformation to patients nationwide. In response, hundreds of activists gathered in D.C. to demand that so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers #EndTheLies.

Michigan State Students are Leading the University into a New Era After Nassar

Michigan State University students have become a voice for change in the wake of Larry Nassar’s trials—confronting corruption at and demanding accountability from one of the largest universities in the country.

Parkland Survivor Mei Ling Ho-Shing is a #NeverAgain Champion at the Intersections

17-year-old Mei Ling Ho-Shing became an activist after she survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland. Now, she’s calling for more than gun law reform alone—she’s demanding an intersectional approach to the #NeverAgain movement.

Online and On the Ground, Afghan Women are Empowered by Global Feminism

Afghan women have created a network of volunteering feminists from all layers of society, and a silent awakening in the history of Afghan feminism is ongoing

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