Did You Know? You Should March for Women’s Rights Tomorrow

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Check out our exclusive interactive slideshow below for all the facts you need on reproductive rights, health care and equal pay. 2012 will certainly be known as the year of women. With the upholding and subsequent enactment of the Affordable Care Act’s HHS mandate, women have gained a major health care advancement. But as the War […]

Scenes from SlutWalk LA 2012


Slutitude. What is it? That was the question posed to a crowd Sunday afternoon crammed in a tiny studio space behind, of all places, the Chick-fil-A on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Dressed in bras and underwear, fishnets and the occasional lace-up platform boot, we all had, according to comedian Luce Tomlin-Brenner, an air of slutitude. […]

How Will YOU Celebrate Chick-Fil-A Day? (Maybe Flip the Bird at Dan Cathy?)


This week, you may have heard that Chick-Fil-A doesn’t like gay people. In fact, you may have heard that Chick-Fil-A dislikes gay people so much that they donate millions of dollars to anti-gay rights organizations. When COO Dan Cathy was asked about these anti-gay feelings and these large sums of money in a recent interview, he […]

Chick-fil-Gay: Being Anti-Same-Sex Marriage is Bad for Business


It doesn’t pay to be anti-gay. Especially if you’re Chick-fil-A. Last week, Dan Cathy, president of the fast food chain known for its chicken sandwiches and Southern fried Christian values, told the Baptist Press that he is “guilty as charged” of supporting the “traditional family.” In other words, he and his company are against same-sex […]

“Nice Guys” Contribute to Rape Culture

Nice Guys and Rape Culture

Daniel Tosh makes jokes that support rape culture and he’s defended as a “nice guy” while feminists are threatened with rape for pointing it out. Joe Paterno is accused of participating in a cover up of child rape and his “legend” legacy is defended while Sandusky’s victims are slandered. Misconceptions about sexual and domestic violence […]

The Suffragists’ Protest on Independence Day, 1876: You Are There

Anthony and Stanton

July 4, 1876: An eloquent and timely reminder that the American Revolution has brought liberty and equality to only some of its citizens over the past century became an unauthorized part of the nation’s centennial celebration here at Independence Square in Philadelphia today. Susan B. Anthony, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Sara Andrews Spencer, Lillie Devereux Blake and Phoebe W. Couzins […]

The Promise of Intersectional Solidarity

June Jordan

Cross-posted from RH Reality Check.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for–or so we’ve often been told. But that line was first spoken in a poem written by the always prophetic June Jordan. As Jordan ended a poem about South African women in the struggle against apartheid: And who will join this standing up and the […]

Occupy Wall Street Holds First Feminist General Assembly


“What took so long?” was the general sentiment among those gathered in Washington Square Park in Manhattan last night for Occupy Wall Street’s first ever Feminist General Assembly. Despite being woefully overdue, May 17 was a beautiful and significant night: Not only was it the eight-month anniversary of our movement, it was also the International Day Against […]

Stand Up, Fight Back!: Unite Against the War on Women

marcee_LA_mary mullane

“What do we do when women’s rights are under attack? Stand up, fight back!” That was the call that rang through downtown Los Angeles last Saturday, April 28, in protest against the ever-present War On Women, which has dragged on since Congress’ introduction of the “let women die” bill in early 2011. But for more […]

5 Reasons To March for Women’s Rights Today!


“I find this onslaught of anti-women legislation repulsive,” says 23-year-old Amanda Velez. “These proposed laws condescend to a level where women are treated as something much less than human.” A resident of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Velez told me her feminist views are often met with hostility in her “typical Bible Belt” state. But today, she’ll know […]