This Is What a Movement Looks Like

We asked our community members to show us the views from where they were marching on January 21. These are the photos they sent us from around the world.

Be Safe, Kind and Fierce

The Boston Women’s March catapulted me into fresh awareness and commitment. It was the most peaceful, electric, powerful antidote to the world change we saw in November.

Why We March: What Ms. Readers Are Fighting For

These Ms. readers and community members opened up to us about what theyre fighting for at the Womens March,. Why are you marching today?

Why We March: For the Revolutionary Freedom to Think and Create

I will march for free thought and creative expression and all the social movements they inspire.

Why We March: To Unite for the Fight Ahead

“I will not be suckered into hatred. There is too much work to be done.”

The Imaginary Beings of the Women’s March

These images of monumental, formidable women commemorate and celebrate the Women’s March movement.

Why We March: No Climate Justice Without Gender Justice

It is clear we can’t have climate justice without gender justice. Gender equity is key to everyone’s ability to thrive in the face of climate change.

Why We March: Fair Jobs are a Feminist Issue

The union movement gives women choice, autonomy, financial stability and the ability to take care of ourselves. These are the cornerstones of building true equality in any society.

Why We March: For Strength, Healing and Solidarity

On January 21, millions of us will march around the world. It won’t fix everything, but it will remind us how powerful our actions and voices can be.

Braids Across Borders: How Women in El Paso are Fighting Back on Inauguration Day

While President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office on Friday, 50 women from El Paso and Ciudad Juárez will stand back to back on the Paso del Norte International Bridge and braid their hair together in an act of solidarity.