Magnifying Heather Heyer

Shortly after her murder, Heyer was heinously criticized on a neo-Nazi site as a childless waste of life. Here, fellow childless and childfree women mourn Heather’s loss with the hope of magnifying her message against injustice and celebrating her heroism.

A Five-Step Toolkit for Dealing with White Supremacists in the Era of Trump

It takes no courage to be a brown-shirt. The heroes are the folks who step up to protect their neighbors. Here are some successful intervention options for the next time a bigot with an attitude starts to go off.

Peace Heroes: How Visaka Dharmadasa’s Tragedy Led to a Rise in Sri Lankan Peace Activism

Visaka Dharmadasa’s two elder sons were drafted into the army. When one went missing, she led a delegation of other mothers of missing servicemen into the jungles to meet with the guerillas who were responsible for their fates.

Q&A: Laura Bates on Writing Girl Up and Building a Feminist Future

“I wanted to throw young women a lifeline… I needed more time to say ‘no, it isn’t normal, it really is bullshit and you shouldn’t have to put up with it and you’re not alone.'”

#DearBetsy is Back: Calling on the Trump Administration to Uphold Title IX Protections for Survivors

The #DearBetsy campaign has been relaunched in the wake of DeVos’ alarming actions on campus sexual assault.

50 Feminist Women to Follow on Twitter

A recent study confirmed that Twitter is dominated by white, male voices. Diversify your feed with these feminist voices!

Today is the Day: Defend Women’s Health in Texas!

Currently under consideration by the Department of Health and Human Services is the so-called Healthy Texas Women program, which will allow Texas to ban Medicaid funding for providers who offer abortion care—such as Planned Parenthood. You can help fight the policy—but time is running out.

Roving Patrols As A Call to Resistance

It was on April 20 that I first saw them. On the freeway, border patrol officers were taking the place of state police.

Confronting Women’s Hunger

Women’s groups have come together to bring attention to the gendered nature of the hunger epidemic in the U.S. through the power of art and advocacy with a traveling conversation and immersive exhibit program crossing through dozens of metro areas in 16 months. This is Hunger, which is part museum exhibit, part theater, offers a unique opportunity for guests […]

Latina Girls in Texas Staged a Quinceañera Protest for Immigrant Rights

Fifteen young Latinas wearing brightly-colored gowns and tiaras took to the steps of the Texas State Capitol in Austin to demand justice for all immigrants.

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