How to Make Campus Violence-Prevention Programs Better

Colleges and universities are rushing to find quick fixes for the alarming levels of campus violence. Campus officials know the data from the recent Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation poll: around 25 percent of college women experience an unwanted sexual incident before graduation. To keep students safe, avoid lawsuits and retain federal grant dollars, many colleges and […]

Rutgers Surpasses $2 Million Mark for Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair

Reprinted with permission from Rutgers Today A little more than a year after launching a campaign to create an endowed chair in honor of modern American feminist Gloria Steinem, Rutgers University officials announced they have surpassed the $2 million mark in donations. The funds, totaling $2.1 million from more than 250 individuals and 12 foundations, put […]

Why Campus Women’s Centers Matter

The National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) recently changed its bylaws, effectively removing the dedicated seats for women’s center professionals from the governing council of the organization. In their November 20 resignation letter to the NWSA, the co-chairs of the NWSA Women’s Centers Committee, Gina Helfrich and Adale Sholock, noted that the removal of “formal representation of […]

What a Truly Effective Sex Ed Curriculum Looks Like

The pathways by which gender norms drive adolescent sexual experience and health are easy to imagine. Anthony coerces a girl at a party to have sex, in order to satisfy his buddies’ questions about his heterosexuality. Jessica has unwanted sex because she’s afraid her boyfriend will become violent again if she refuses. Sofía becomes pregnant […]

Feminist Groups to Feds: It’s Time to Protect Students from Harassment

A coalition of more than 70 women’s and civil rights groups today called on the Department of Education to remind post-secondary schools that it’s their legal obligation to protect students from harassment under Title IX and the Civil Rights Act. In the wake of threats faced by women students at the University of Mary Washington (UMW) on the […]

What You Never Learned About American History: War Edition

As American history classes threaten to erase the existence of Jim Crow laws and the Ku Klux Klan from their textbooks, the Ms. Blog thought it might be a good time to revisit the history that our schools often fail to teach us—from the systematic genocide of Native Americans to the nationalism that fuels wars. […]

Blazing a Trail Toward Girls’ Empowerment

This summer, four Stanford students are packing their custom-kitted RV, hitting the road and plugging a new kind of destination into their GPS: girl power. Equipped with a blazing passion for learning and an unstoppable drive to help cultivate the women leaders of tomorrow, Girls Driving For A Difference (GDD) co-founders Katie Kirsch and Jenna Leonardo, with friends […]

Meet Caroline VanSickle: Feminist Biologist

Last year, the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison extended an unusual job offer to scientist Caroline VanSickle: to join the country’s—and likely the world’s—first-ever endowed fellowship for feminist biology. If you’ve never heard of feminist science or feminist biology, you’re not alone. While the field of feminist science is far […]

UCLA Failed to Protect Students from Sexual Harassment, Lawsuit Says

Already one of 106 colleges and universities under investigation by the federal Department of Education for possible violations of Title IX, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) now faces a Title IX lawsuit by two graduate students. On June 11, Nefertiti Takla and Kristen Hillaire Glasgow filed the suit and demand for jury trial […]

“Yes Means Yes” Could Expand to California’s High Schools

Recent years have seen a lot of national attention paid to the campus rape epidemic—something young women have had to contend with for decades. Activists like Emma Sulkowicz, Andrea Pino and Wagatwe Wanjuki have effectively mobilized at their universities to raise awareness of the administrative shortcomings that allow rape culture on campuses to flourish. Even […]

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