Don’t Say Gay. Seriously.

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In 2011, Tennessee State Sen. Stacey Campfield (R) introduced Senate Bill 49, which would have made it illegal for teachers to mention or discuss anything not in line with heterosexual behavior in grades pre-K-8. Nicknamed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the preposterous legislation thankfully was dropped from consideration. After much debate, lawmakers in Tennessee finally […]

As Soon As They Graduate College, Women Face a Pay Gap


The American Association for University Women (AAUW) has released a report which finds that, one year out of college, millennial women immediately face a wage gap, making just 82 cents compared to their male counterparts’ dollar. “Graduating to a Pay Gap” focuses on men and women who graduated in 2008 and then engaged in full-time […]

Lessons Learned from Breastfeeding Prof?


Before I had a child, I thought the perennial media issue dogging women was “work and life balance.”  Little did I realize how much breastfeeding was another evergreen. When stirred up into discussion of “work and life balance,” it creates a perfect maelstrom. Such as when Adrienne Pine, an assistant professor of anthropology at American […]

The New Misogyny: What it Means for Teachers and Classrooms


This spring’s political campaigns revealed a deep and ugly wound: misogyny that ranged from Rush Limbaugh’s crass attack on Georgetown Law School student Sandra Fluke to the repeal of Wisconsin’s pay equity law; from the Republican attacks on Title X (which subsidizes cervical and breast cancer screening, testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and […]

Is This the Best Way to Encourage Young Women into Science?

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The video “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” is meant to encourage girls to consider careers in the natural and physical sciences, presenting science, as the title suggests, as an area compatible with femininity and other “girl things”—make-up, high heels and fashion. The video, produced by the European Commission, has been roundly criticized (check out the […]

Michigan “Conscience Act” Would Allow Student Counselors to Reject Gay Clients


Michigan’s GOP-controlled House passed a bill on Friday, June 15, so that student counselors don’t have to give counseling to gay people, women who have had abortions or anyone else rendered morally unpalatable by their religious beliefs. HB 5040, or the Julea Ward Freedom of Conscience Act, reads: A bill to protect the right of a student to assert […]

Girls Need to Say “Math Is for Me”


Ideas about women not being “hardwired” to do math are falling like dominoes in the research area. But deep down, do girls and women really believe it? And will they take steps, as they grow, to make high-paying careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) a reality? New research finds that the answer may […]

Just Say Yes…To Sexist Stereotyping?


From the Ms. Editors: Despite doubts about the efficacy of abstinence-only sex education,  U.S. tax dollars are still funding it. Conservatives earmarked $250 million for such programs under the Affordable Care Act, and last month, the Obama administration controversially green-lit the Heritage Keepers abstinence-only curriculum to receive funds reserved for evidence-based sex education. The excerpt […]

The Anti-Abortion Game of Life

Game of Life

To bring down the high chlamydia infections rate among Tennessee teenagers, an anti-abortion pregnancy center in Athens, Tenn., has proposed spending federal tax dollars on a life-sized version of the Game of Life. The “Teen Life Maze” is just one of the ideas put forth by a cluster of crisis pregnancy centers that are receiving government […]

Girls in Pearls, Guys in Ties?


A Virginia school district is currently considering a new type of clothing ban that would impact more than 14,000 students. While most schools across the country do tend to have some sort of dress code, from banning T-shirts with offensive slogans to requiring skirts to be a certain length or forbidding baseball hats and pajamas, the Suffolk school […]