The Myth of the “Girl Brain”

Post Brain

Has your local public school opened up a new all-girls classroom? Are you tempted to enroll your daughter in it?  After all, the principal may have offered up impressive evidence that girls learn in very different ways from boys, and this segregated classroom seems to be a great boon to girls. The idea that the […]

Behind the Koala Mask

hate speech

The California Faculty Association, one of the biggest and most powerful faculty unions in the nation, recently passed a resolution [PDF] to condemn the aggressive distribution and hate speech in The Koala, a hate-filled tabloid that’s been distributed on three California State University campuses. This, combined with the recently filed Title IX lawsuit demanding that […]

To Get Hate Speech Off Campus, Cal State Students Wield Title IX

mean people suck

In an ongoing student battle against a hate-filled tabloid, The Koala, that has been causing uproar on three Cal State campuses since January, Cal State San Marcos students have now filed a Title IX complaint with the university. In addition to aggressively handing out their publication by shoving it in students’ faces, “Koalans” also make […]

Penn State Community Rallies in Support of Victims

candlelight vigil

Why does the Penn State community cheer for Joe Paterno? We’ve seen nearly a week’s worth of rallying in support of the legendary football coach after a grand jury indictment made plain that Paterno enabled his longtime assistant’s sexual abuse of children. While the university’s Board of Trustees almost certainly gave Paterno the opportunity to […]

How Students at Historically Black Colleges Drove the Mississippi “Personhood” Defeat


When I was asked to come to Mississippi about three weeks ago to organize students against Initiative 26, or the so-called “personhood” amendment, I honestly did not know if we even had a chance of winning. The amendment could have made abortion illegal and banned hormonal birth control, including the Pill. Because Mississippi, the bedrock […]

Hold the Sprinkles: National Pro-Life Cupcake Day Is Upon Us


Here at the Ms. Blog, we don’t usually turn down cupcakes. But over the next few days, we’ll be forgoing any of the tasty deserts handed out by the Cupcakes for Life movement. In case you didn’t see it on your calendar, this Sunday, October 9, is National Pro-Life Cupcakes Day, designed by folks against […]

Newsflash: Single Mom Granted Clemency in Ohio

Kelley Williams-Bolar

Kelley Williams-Bolar, the Ohio single mother of two who was convicted of a felony for using her father’s address instead of her own in order to get her children into what she felt would be a safer school district, has been granted clemency by Gov. John Kasich. Williams-Bolar had originally been sentenced to 10 days in […]

Scapegoating Black Women in a Recession


You know the media spin cycle and the propagandists are winning when you advise a young, promising black woman undergraduate student about her prospects for doctoral studies, and she immediately takes herself out of the running. Not because there are fewer fellowships to help pay for graduate school or because she wants to pursue a […]

Go East, Young Woman


Ever since I made my decision to attend Wellesley College, I find myself having to defend it to most of my high school classmates. Many of them know nothing about the school, and when I tell them about it they ignore its academic reputation and amazing alumnae. To them, it is simply a women’s college. […]

New York City Mandates Comprehensive Sex Education in Public Schools

Sex ed

You have to hand it to New York City for doing the right thing(s) for sexual health and rights lately. First, the city passed a law mandating that crisis pregnancy centers, which use misinformation and ideology to misdirect women trying to make a life-changing decision, disclose whether or not they have medical staff and/or offer birth […]