A Feminist Look at a Bug’s Life


The bees are all women, Maids and the long royal lady. They have got rid of the men, The blunt, clumsy stumblers, the boors. –an excerpt from “Wintering,” by Sylvia Plath As it gets colder, I wonder about the girls I left behind at my house down south. I’m talking about the spiders, the ants, […]

Hearing Women’s Voices at the Cancun Climate Conference

Women Farmers

In hopes of picking up where the failed 2009 Copenhagen climate conference left off, international delegates have convened in Cancun, Mexico to work on a global plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions. On the agenda are target emissions caps and a climate assistance fund for poor nations. At the same time, women’s rights advocates are […]

Great Old Broads Take on Washington


It’s not every day that a handful of women in their sixties play a game using leaf blowers and a large yellow ball on the National Mall in Washington. But such antics are par for the course for Great Old Broads for Wilderness, an organization that enjoys its environmentalism spiced with a healthy mix of hilarity. […]

SNEAK PEEK: The Women Who Won’t Abandon the Gulf


The government says that the millions of barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf are “dissipating.” But environmentalists warn about long-term effects. Does the “Mission Accomplished” rhetoric mean BP and the feds are bailing? Not if Gulf women have anything to say about it. In the current issue of Ms., Antonia Juhasz reports on the […]

Protecting Real Mama Grizzlies

Grizzly Mama

During the 2008 Presidential campaign John McCain railed against “frivolous” government spending. In one television ad a voiceover announcer says “233 million for a bridge to nowhere. Outrageous… Three million to study the DNA of bears in Montana. Unbelievable…” We now know that McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, had a questionable relationship to that confounded […]

Women Clean Up After BP’s “Man-Made” Oil Spill

BP Oil Plant

The oil and gas industry is dominated by men, but it’s mostly women who are cleaning up British Petroleum’s mess. According to Jenna Goudreau at ForbesWoman, President Obama…has dispatched women leaders like U.S. Homeland Security’s Janet Napolitano; Carol Browner, the assistant to the president for Energy and Climate Change; Dr. Jane Lubchenco, administrator of the National Oceanic […]