Stand With Nan-Hui: Stop the Deportation of a Domestic Violence Survivor


Nan-Hui Jo, the undocumented single mother of a six-year-old daughter, is currently behind bars at the Yolo County jail in Northern California. She has been separated from her daughter, Vitz Da, for seven months and is facing deportation and prison time. Her crime: fleeing the U.S. with her daughter in 2009 to escape her physically […]

Children, Families Protest at Capitol for Immigrant Rights


The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) has issued a directive to President Obama and House Republicans: We want immigration reform now. In their Stop Separating Families campaign, the immigrant-rights coalition is giving legislators until June 28 to pass immigration reform legislation that halts the deportation of immigrant families. According to FIRM, June 28 “will mark […]

Proposed Rule Change for High-Tech Migrant Workers’ Spouses Isn’t Enough


On May 6, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a press release announcing it would extend work permits to the spouses of highly skilled immigrants in hopes of attracting and retaining these temporary migrant professionals. Since then, headlines such as: “H-1B visa spouses to get work permits soon” and “United States Changes Visa […]

An Immigrant Wife’s Place? In the Home, According to Visa Policy

American Visa (XL)

Do most of us still live in a 1950 nuclear family where dad goes off to work and mom stays home to take care of the family? Not in real life. But that lifestyle is enshrined in the United States’ dependent visa policies. According to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Leave it to Beaver […]

Immigration Reform May Include Rights for Same-Sex Couples


In the current immigration efforts, one of the most divisive issues to arise has been how immigration rights should apply to same-sex couples. According to the Williams’ Institute at UCLA, there are approximately 40,000 same-sex bi-national couples residing in the U.S. More than two dozen countries around the world have an equal immigration system that honors […]

U.S. Immigrants Aren’t Safe From Female Genital Mutilation


Like most Americans, I never spent too much time thinking about female genital mutilation, or FGM, a centuries-old practice. But that changed in 2007 when I came to work at Sanctuary for Families, a New York-based nonprofit that serves victims of domestic violence and trafficking. In my job as an immigration lawyer I began interviewing […]

Bus Tour Takes Undocumented Immigrants Through Hostile Territory

Nobody is Illegal

Winding through the South, a group of brave U.S. residents have “come out” in some of the most dangerous places in the country. As part of a “No Papers, No Fear” campaign, 30 men and women are riding a bus through key states to show they are ready to emerge from the shadows–as undocumented immigrants. […]

Racial Profiling in Tennessee: Another Arizona for Immigrants?

SB 1070 rally

Nearly four years ago, Juana Villegas, a nine-months-pregnant undocumented Mexican immigrant living in Nashville, was on her way home from a doctor’s appointment with her three children when was pulled over by local police and arrested for driving without a license. The offense was a misdemeanor, but the officer detained her because he suspected that […]

Supreme Court Says “Show Me Your Papers”


Arizona will remain home to the harshest anti-immigration legislation in the nation after the Supreme Court’s divided ruling on Arizona v. United States, the high-profile case on the 2010 anti-immigration act that many critics deemed overreaching, degrading and an overall harassment of Latino citizens and immigrants. The Supreme Court delivered a split decision Monday on […]

Anything but “Secure”


Last week, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced a small policy change in its Secure Communities Program (discussed below, in a news story from the current issue of Ms. magazine). The new policy would ensure that immigrants charged with minor traffic violations would not be flagged for deportation–unless they’re convicted. Immigration rights activists called […]