Old Tactics, New South


By Nicole Guidotti-Hernandez On the opening day of Freedom University, located in a community center in Athens, Ga., students start trickling in 20 minutes before classes begin. The 28 eager collegians—three quarters of them women and the majority Latino/as—have come from Atlanta, Ackworth, Athens and other Georgia communities. Some are recent high-school graduates, others are […]

Women Immigrants Have Their Say About Georgia’s HB 87


Claudia is an undocumented immigrant who moved to Georgia from Honduras in 2006. Shortly after arriving, she found herself in an abusive, violent relationship; her husband was able to control her in part by using the threat of deportation. She explained: “I was too scared to call the police. Would they arrest me or the […]

My Story; Our Story

My Story

As an immigrant, a woman, a social worker and a professor who teaches about the immigrant experience in the United States, I feel very connected to other immigrants throughout this country on many levels. And so I am keenly aware of the effects of restrictive immigration policies such as HB 87 in Georgia, HB 497 […]

Don’t Ignore LGBTQ Immigrants’ Needs


Immigrants are often scapegoats for all kinds of societal ills: a lagging economy, dangerous reproduction, even environmental degradation. Thankfully, there is a strong and growing immigrants’ rights movement that counters these attacks and highlights the real problems: xenophobia, racism and an out-of-touch immigration policy. All too often, however, immigration is portrayed as heterosexual and male. […]

1.5 Million Plus: The Wal-Mart Decision’s Undocumented Victims


Isabel was paid only $2.00 per hour for her seven-hour shifts at a restaurant, and the owner confiscated her tips. He also made her and his other women employees purchase “schoolgirl” and “military girl” outfits to wear during night shifts. Elena’s supervisor made her sit on his lap and kiss him on the cheek when […]

In Case Being Abused in Mississippi Isn’t Bad Enough …

Mississippi State Flag

Since the Arizona state legislature passed the draconian anti-immigration bill SB 1070, other states seem to be in a race to catch up. Nebraska and Mississippi, with some of the nation’s smallest percentages of Latinos living within their borders, are nonetheless trying to pass some of the toughest anti-immigration laws we have seen to date, […]

Why Sexual Violence Against Latina Farmworkers is a Hate Crime


This week, two high-profile trials involving the racially motivated murders of Latinos in Pennsylvania and Arizona are exposing the unsettling implications of growing anti-immigrant sentiment. But while antagonistic political discourse and incendiary policy are shown to provoke ethnic violence—correlating with a 52 percent increase in hate crimes—they also indirectly drive sexual violence against immigrant women. […]

This Thanksgiving, Remember the Migrant Hands That Feed You


There will be an unexpected guest at Thanksgiving this year, one you’ll barely notice. You only know her by her hands, which pick, process and package that rich feast your family will enjoy. And it’s easy to overlook what her mind and body endures each day to put food on tables, yours and hers. Building […]

BREAKING: U.S. Poised To Send Salvadoran Woman Back to Her Abuser

The fate of Irma Medrano, the woman seeking sanctuary in the U.S. from her abusive husband in El Salvador, hangs in the balance. Yesterday, the Board of Immigration Appeals dismissed her motion for a stay of deportation. The 44-year-old Medrano fled El Salvador in 1995 to live with her sister in California after years of […]

Irma Medrano: Don’t Send Me Back to My Abuser

Irma Medrano

In 1995, Irma Medrano fled El Salvador after being subject to horrible abuse at the hands of her husband. For years he had routinely beaten her, strangled her with a leather belt and threatened to kill her. Every time she complained to the Salvadoran police she was told that they would not intervene in a […]