Record Numbers of LGBT Olympic Athletes Compete in a Troubled Brazil

The Rio Olympics represent a strange contradiction: Thanks to increasing tolerance, an unparalleled number of openly LGBT athletes are gathered to compete in a country experiencing amidst an ongoing human rights crisis.

These 10 Women Put Cracks in the Political Glass Ceiling, Too

These women led the charge for greater political roles for women across the country over the last few centuries—and paved the way for Hillary’s historic candidacy.

Before the 2016 Games Begin, Look Back on These 10 Olympic Milestones for Women

As the 2016 Summer Olympics kick off in Rio, let’s taking a look back at the history of women’s participation in the events.

These Eight Pro-Choice Posters are Sparking a Dialogue on Abortion in Chile

This is what I found outside the University of Chile: absolutely beautiful and incredibly powerful pro-choice artwork by a group called the Feminist Propaganda Brigade.

Combatting Climate Change? That’s “Women’s Work”

To accelerate into the clean energy economy and lessen the impacts of climate disruption on those who feel it most, the norm needs to change.

A Gendered Breakdown of the 2016 Democratic Convention Speakers

Of 236 speakers, 119 – or 50.4 percent – were women; 117 – or 49.6 percent – were men. In comparison, women were just 26.1 percent of the 111 speakers at the RNC.

When It Comes to Gender Equality, Women in Politics Do the Work

After 227 years and 44 male presidents, girls could grow up seeing that a woman could be president. But is that the only way electing a woman president would matter?

Was Sexism at Play During the DNC Roll Call?

On a day that should have been a crowning achievement for Hillary Clinton, a significant amount of attention went to Bernie Sanders. And so the question remains: Was this sexism at work?

When Ceilings Break for Women in Politics, Walls Still Stand

Amidst the history being made by women in politics at all levels of office over the past 45 years, there have been some quite sturdy walls that women have come up against.

Do We Need a Mother-in-Chief?

I look forward to the day when a professionally accomplished, female public servant can give an exhilarating and convincing presidential endorsement speech on behalf of another highly qualified female candidate and not have the speech be overshadowed by predictable themes of maternalism.