#MeTooK12: Teens are Speaking Out About Assault and Harassment in Schools

K-12 schools are the training ground for the sexual harassment and assault that occurs in college and the workplace—and now, a new campaign is gaining momentum to shed light on younger assault victims.

This is What #PaidLeaveMeans

The U.S. remains the only developed nation that does not mandate any paid leave. A new campaign seeks to illustrate what a major difference that makes in women’s lives across the country.

#DisarmThePatriarchy: Women Speak Out on Peace, Security and Nuclear War

Women experts came together to break down and discuss issues spanning from nuclear war to the unique perspectives women bring to peace-making tables. We captured their conversation.

Feminists Across the Country Talked Back During Trump’s State of the Union

Trump’s speech was notably void of references to women’s rights—but across the country, women were listening, watching and fighting back.

Tammy Duckworth’s Historic Pregnancy is a Reminder: We Need More Women in Politics

Duckworth’s pregnancy is good news for all women—as it marks the beginning of a critical dialogue about the need for more women in politics, and for better conditions for all pregnant working women.

Safe and Supported: Inside the DIY Abortion Movement

As abortion becomes harder to access, more and more women are taking matters into their own hands with self-managed abortion—buying abortion pills on the internet and using them without medical supervision.

Student Activists and Lawmakers Want to Bring Medication Abortion to California Campuses

A student government resolution passed two years ago at UC Berkeley inspired legislation that would require public colleges in California to offer medication abortion in campus health centers. 

It Stops Now: Justice Has Finally Been Served to Larry Nassar’s Victims

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced Larry Nassar, a now-disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor accused of sexual assault and abuse by over 160 girls and women, to up to 175 years in prison—telling him she had “just signed [his] death warrant.”

Well-Intentioned Efforts at “Reform” Have Uniquely Hurt Incarcerated Women

We need more than benign purpose to craft policy. What women are facing now in the criminal justice system is proof.

WATCH: The #MeToo PSA Made Entirely By Women

A new PSA released by Women in Motion Pictures, a feminist collective of female filmmakers and actors, explores the scope of sexual harassment and its devastating effects on women and girls—in Hollywood and beyond.

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