Gender Matters in the Fight for Contraceptive Coverage

No women are included among the 13 senators who make up the new working group expected to write the Senate version of the GOP health care bill.

Women are Transforming the Energy Sector

Women in the energy industry are one factor in helping spur the shift to renewables.

This Mother’s Day, We’re Fighting For Women’s Health Equality

For decades, my mom and I have been a dynamic duo using the arts to creatively fight for women’s rights. And now we are using the arts to fight for my life.

3 Ways to Celebrate 50/50 Day

Today is the first annual 50/50 Day—a global event made possible by a team of organizers, funders and sponsors fighting for a more gender-balanced world.

50 Preexisting Conditions That Can Make You Lose Your Insurance Under Trumpcare

In the Republican approach to health care, the sick could be priced out of the insurance they so desperately need.

Closing the Boyfriend Loophole

The gun lobby and their allies in Congress have routinely opposed both state and federal legislation to extend firearm prohibitions to abusive dating partners.

In Defense of Identity Politics

After all these years, universality and the common good are still the (unmarked) province of straight white men.

Grab This, Donald!

Three activists want to mobilize the resistance—literally—by converting a 20-foot truck and plastering its three sides with images and videos for a tour of the country blasting the sexism of the Trump administration and building community among feminists.

Missouri Should Protect—Not Punish—Victims of Workplace Harassment

If the Missouri Legislature has its way this year, it will soon be easier to discriminate against women in the state than anywhere else in the nation.

When Fashion Makes a Statement

Denim Day is tomorrow!

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