The Future of Disability Rights Activism is Female

Young women are bringing a feminist lens to the fight for disability rights that is critical in the current political climate. 

Women are Disrupting the Energy Industry

Like in many other STEM fields, women are underrepresented in the energy workforce. But this trend is changing—and the women of the clean energy industry are leading the way.

Lilly Ledbetter’s #MeToo Story

In a piece for the New York Times published today to mark Equal Pay Day, Lilly Ledbetter connects the dots between the #MeToo movement and the fight for equal pay.

The Freelance Fight for Equal Pay

The “gig economy” is taking over—and the wage gap is coming along for the ride.

MomsRising is Taking the Fight for Equal Pay to Main Street

MomsRising is serving up shocking statistics on the wage gap at coffee shops across the country today to mark Equal Pay Day.

The #MeToo March to the Polls

According to new research, American women are mobilized and energized because of the #MeToo movement and the Trump administration’s antiquated sexism—and they’re poised to fuel a massive re-alignment of our government at all levels in just a few short months.

Feminist and Trans Advocates are Fighting the Trump Administration’s Discriminatory Policies Together

The Health Department’s religious refusal rule ironically paved the way for a coalition of trans and feminist groups to work side-by-side—and fight back with an intersectional analysis.

War on Women Report No. 21

The Trump administration’s attacks on immigrant women were unrelenting this week—and women were often the ones in the crosshairs.

#TimesUp for the Nonprofit Gender Gap

From limited leadership roles to unequal pay to sexual harassment, the nonprofit community is coming to terms with its own #MeToo moment.

The Racist Roots of Rape Culture

The #MeToo movement can strike U.S. rape culture at its roots by centering the sexual assault and abuse of Black women.

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