Inside the Women-Led Global Alliance to Save the Planet

15 women mayors from major cities are determined to act against climate change, whether or not their federal governments join them.

10 Anti-Feminist Quotes from Stephen Miller, White House Women’s Issues Advisor

Stephen Miller, a lifelong anti-feminist, will now be working alongside Ivanka Trump on women’s issues in the White House.

Healthy Pregnancies Are Essential

Sacrificing care for pregnant women to satisfy Republican rhetoric is wrong. For moms and babies, health insurance is about more than politics–it’s a matter of life and death.

A Movement, Not a Moment: Inside The Outrage

“We’re not about ‘Let’s sell feminist apparel.’ We’re about women’s purchasing power being used to make a difference. We’re about donations. Having a space for conversations. That’s the point of The Outrage.”

Agitating, Educating and Subscribing

Wyoming’s elected officials have demonstrated that they’re out of touch with women’s issues and experiences. That’s why a group of women in the aptly-nicknamed Equality State are trying to subscribe each and every one of them to Ms.

Wendy Carrillo Wants the Future to Be Female—and Unapologetic

Wendy Carrillo didn’t win the election for California’s 34th District Congressional seat—but she captured the spirit of her community.

Smashing Abortion Stigma, One Sticker at a Time

The 1 in 3 Campaign is holding an art-based week of action on campuses across the country to encourage women to have conversations about their abortion experience

Peace Heroes: Uganda’s Robinah Rubimbwa

“Senior figures who had refused to support us suddenly realized it was the women of Uganda who were genuinely committed to peace.”

The Unfortunate Familiarity of Marines United: Masculinity, Digital Sex Talk and the Military

The Marines United scandal shows how ideals of heterosexuality and manliness in military culture converge—and reflect an environment where women are not treated as equals.

Alt-Right Commentator Laughs About Rape, Disability, Cancer at Campus Appearance

The complex lives of women are no laughing matter, and neither is their suffering.

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