Cable News Networks Are Perpetuating Abortion Myths

How much do our news networks really discuss reproductive rights and abortion, in what context, and how often do they get their facts right? The answers to these questions are far more grim than we’d like to believe.

NEWSFLASH: California is Scrapping a Discriminatory Welfare Rule

California took a giant step toward economic and racial justice for women and families on Wednesday.

Now Is The Time to Act: How to Step Up After Orlando

We must transition from words to action. Here are the ways that you can actively make a difference and provide help in the wake of the Orlando massacre.

The U.S. Has a Lot of Work to Do in the Wake of the Orlando Shooting

As an unabashed Muslim-American manic-depressive, I ask my fellow Americans to reconsider how quickly they rush to blame the presumed other for fostering the ideology that inspired this attack.

Is Washington Ready for a Feminist Foreign Policy?

Whether the traditional foreign policy establishment in Washington wants to admit it, gender has been thrust into the center of global security.

This Start-Up Wants You to Get Tampons Tax-Free

RedCycle has, by skipping over the somewhat sluggish and cyclical process of politics, managed to accomplish something most politicians have failed to do: offer tax-free tampons to Americans.

Creating Our To-Do List: Looking Forward at the United State of Women

While we have made some significant gains, addressing the remaining challenges requires us to rise up collectively with a shared agenda for action.

Welcome to the United State of Women

A diverse group of celebrated women are delivering a powerful message to the country: “Today, we will change tomorrow.”

Why Are We Still Talking About Hillary Clinton’s Clothes?

Nearly 100 years after women won suffrage, we’re still waiting for those in the realm of politics to be judged not for the fabrics on their skin, but the content of their minds.

NEWSFLASH: Stayce Harris Could Make History as the Air Force’s Lieutenant General

Major General Stayce Harris could be the first African-American woman to ever serve as Lieutenant General of the U.S. Air Force.