Dartmouth Sorority: It’s OUR Party!

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Greek life on college campuses is generally recognized as a social hotspot, known for its rampant drinking and party culture. Less widely known is the fact that only fraternities are hosting parties and serving alcohol because, according to the National Panhellenic Conference, none of the 26 national sororities are allowed to. The rationale? According to […]

A Super Bowl of Racial Candor?


We will see a historic ad today during the Super Bowl. A 60-second ad to end domestic violence, from the “No More” public service campaign, will play for audiences in the midst of the football revelry—just as ads from this campaign have aired during countless regular and postseason games. But isn’t it time that we […]

Injustice League


As the world pauses for Super Bowl Sunday, the Ms. Blog can’t help but also mention some non-sporting issues facing the National Football League: particularly domestic violence and its relationship to players’ traumatic head injuries. Here, an excerpt from the upcoming issue of Ms. magazine. Paul Oliver married his college sweetheart, Chelsea, who he met […]

On the 42nd Anniversary of Roe, Time to Listen to Women Born After It


Today marks 42 years since abortion was made legal in all 50 states. Since then, anti-choice politicians have worked endlessly to undermine that decision and make abortion less attainable. Young people are at our most vulnerable when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy, and we are once again concerned that our rights might disappear. This […]

The “War on Boys” Narrative Is Back. Ugh.


Every year as a new school semester begins, someone writes an ominous article about the fact that more women are graduating from college these days than men. The latest hand-wringing salvo comes from famed anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly, and it’s a doozy. Schlafly wrote on World Net Daily earlier this week that not only is this imbalance […]

#Feminism: The Top 10 Feminist Hashtags of 2014


Feminism is trending. In 2014, the hashtag proved a powerful tool for raising awareness about and organizing around feminist issues, including domestic violence, rape and street harassment. In celebration of the modern version of consciousness-raising groups, the Ms. Blog has compiled a list of the top 10 feminist hashtags of 2014. 10. #DudesGreetingDudes  Hollaback‘s viral catcalling video sparked […]

Women Claiming the Streets, Women Claiming Community


The streets have always been a site of political struggle, but this year, how women have been positioned on the streets is a lesson in community building and feminist solidarity. While the Ferguson, Missouri, protesters became a huge story in 2014—even coming close to being named Time‘s Person of the Year—few may remember just how […]

6 Applause-Worthy Pro-Choice Victories of 2014


The war on abortion and reproductive rights has grown alarmingly in the past several years and there are anti-choice politicians and organizations who are obsessed with turning back the clock to a pre-Roe v. Wade era. But there are those on the frontlines who are fighting to maintain and advance reproductive rights. Despite the damage […]

Reasonable Doubt? Rolling Stone’s Missteps Fuel Disbelief of Rape Victims

The University of Virginia

Not long ago, I overheard a snippet of conversation among my college students. Another professor had talked about rape in class that morning. The professor didn’t talk about the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses or the egregious way that universities were addressing (or, rather, not addressing) reports of rape. Instead, a student said, […]

Military Rape Report Card: Still Failing


The latest annual study on military sexual assault from the Department of Defense (DOD) shows that reports of such assault rose 8 percent since 2013. Perhaps even more striking, however, is that the incidence of retribution against those who report sex crimes is a stunning 62 percent. That means service members who came forward with […]