Gender, Class and Incarceration

More and more women with economic and social advantages are attending institutions of higher learning—but women without those advantages increasingly find themselves in penal institutions.

The White Knights of the First Amendment

Men’s Rights Activists use the First Amendment to protect their ability to harass and discriminate against women. Now, extremists on campuses across the country are using the same tactic.

The Fight Goes On: What’s Missing from the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights

As we celebrate this imminent victory, we must continue to push for policies that dismantle obstacles to justice for all survivors.

Q&A: Erin Schrode, Youngest Person to Ever Run for Congress, Wants to Make an Impact

“You don’t have to wait 20 years. You don’t need a ton of money in the bank. Your family doesn’t have to be in politics. You don’t need that name. You don’t need special connections. You can run. You can make a difference.”

Resistance to the Prison-Industrial Complex Remains a Feminist Issue

This week’s prison strike is the tactic of a growing movement that promises to tackle the systemic violence touching countless women’s lives.

Will California Be the Next State to End the Tampon Tax?

In the next few days, California Governor Jerry Brown will vote on a legislation eliminating taxes on menstrual products like tampons and pads, a move that would save California women around $20.2 million per year.

Comprehensive Funding to Combat Zika Shouldn’t Come at the Cost of Women’s Health

It’s unfortunate—but sadly unsurprising—that in the midst of global health emergency, lawmakers are too busy playing political games over women’s healthcare to coordinate the necessary response.

Why Are We So Hard on Hillary?

The real “rigging” in the 2016 election lies in our well-learned biases about women and leadership.

If Hillary Doesn’t “Look Presidential,” Blame History

For 227 years, looking presidential has meant being a man. Perhaps that’s what stumping Trump.

Celebrating the Fight for $15: Raising the Minimum Wage Builds an Economy That Works for All

We have a lot to celebrate this Labor Day. Workers have made significant gains in raising the minimum wage, guaranteeing paid sick days and paid family leave and cracking down on wage theft.