Go On, Tell Hope Solo the Wage Gap Doesn’t Exist

In a recent interview with Vox’s Liz Plank, the US Women’s National Soccer Team goalkeeper discussed the team’s federal wage discrimination and helped make the case that it’s time to focus on closing the wage gap instead of denying it exists.

So-Called Predators in the Bathroom… Again

The transgender “bathroom panic” is making legislative gains across the country, thanks to conservative scare tactics to vilify the transgender community as sexual predators. Recently, an anti-LGBT bill, HB 2, was introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly; within hours, it had been signed by GOP Gov. Pat McCrory. The bill was introduced in response to a […]

Watch What Happens When Men Read Abusive Tweets to Female Sports Reporters

A recently released YouTube video shows just how badly women sports commentators are treated online—and the abuse they face is guaranteed to make you feel uncomfortable, at a minimum. In the video, promoting the hashtag #MoreThanMean, men are instructed to read out loud “mean” tweets to two journalists: Sarah Spain, a radio host and Sports […]

What Happened to Abortion Access While You Were Watching the Presidential Primaries

For the past few months we have all been watching the presidential primary debates to find out where candidates stand on the issues that are important to us, such as equal pay, federal abortion laws and funding for Planned Parenthood. But while our eyes have been glued to the national stage, a whole lot has […]

How Donald Trump Got Gender Wrong (Again)

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump told his supporters and the press: “Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5 percent of the vote.” There’s no basis for that calculation, of course. It assumes that nearly 55 percent of the Democratic primary electorate voted for Clinton based on gender alone. More specifically, […]

How Many Women Will it Take for Bernie to Win the Nomination?

With the presidential election now in full swing, the Ms. Blog is excited to bring you a series presented in conjunction with Presidential Gender Watch 2016, a project of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation and the Center for American Women and Politics. They’ll be tracking, analyzing and illuminating gender dynamics during election season—so check back with us regularly! After […]

The Women Taking on Climate Change

The following is an excerpt from “Saving Mother Earth” in the Spring 2016 issue of Ms. Author Antonia Juhasz reported from Paris during the climate agreement negotiations, interviewing and profiling women activists from around the world. To read more of her profiles, pick up the issue! On Dec.12, 2015, the Paris sky is alive with thousands of brightly […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Ugly “Religious Freedom” Laws Sweeping the Nation

Love may have won, but homophobia is still alive and well in the U.S. Ever since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage last summer, conservatives across the nation have scrambled to pass more and more state laws that aim to protect, they say, “religious freedom” or “religious liberty.” Yet these laws are specifically concerned with […]

UC Berkeley Students are Fighting for On-Campus Abortion Access

More than one-quarter of abortions in the United States are obtained by women ages 18 to 24—roughly college age—yet many students’ access to the procedure is limited by state laws, the location of clinics and, in particular, a lack of reproductive health services on campus. The students’ association at UC Berkeley is fighting to change that. Last month, the […]

Born Yelling

As we slog through a political campaign that has sunk to depths we could scarcely have imagined, let us take a moment to think about something more uplifting. I give you Bella Abzug. I still miss her. The force of nature that was Bella Abzug died 16 years ago last week, too soon, at the […]