#MeToo and the Midterms

The #MeToo movement has pushed some women to get more involved in American politics—but what about voters? Will attitudes about sexual harassment shape their decisions in the 2018 congressional midterms?

Royal Wedding Remix: The Assimilation Promises and Decolonization Possibilities of Meghan Markle

Whether or not Meghan Markle, a self-proclaimed feminist, can really change the heteropatriarchal structures of the British monarchy, much less the white supremacist institutions that have kept it alive, representations matter. 

Trans Rights are on the Ballot in Massachusetts

Voters in the Bay State will decide whether to keep or repeal the state’s 2016 anti-discrimination law this November in what will be the first statewide referendum on transgender rights.

Data is Driving Success in Life-Saving Interventions for Women and Girls—Why Isn’t it Driving Policy?

An HIV/AIDS-reduction program saving the lives of women and girls worldwide is at risk under Trump’s Global Gag Rule—and serves as a testament to the ground we can lose when data doesn’t drive drive policymaking.

Striking Teachers Across the Country Would Make Great Candidates

This could be just the moment for women teachers to make their mark on Capitol Hill.

Taking Immigrant Women from Economic Uncertainty to Unleashed Potential

The Trump administration’s hostility toward immigrants has left women, especially those on spousal visas, in the lurch.

Getting Women Elected is Just the First Step

The collective experience of freshman women delegates in the 2018 Virginia General Assembly laid bare the opportunities and limitations of serving a first term in office.

War on Women Report No. 24

Dangerous judicial and cabinet appointments were made this week for Trump nominees—and all the while, the Trump administration continued to attack immigrants, refugees and women’s rights.

Building Back Better: Women Peace Activists Offering Governments a Helping Hand

From the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership partners, the success stories of two women, one from Uganda and one from Syria, prove that with persistence and resilience, obstacles can be removed.

How Will Male Candidates Shape the Gender Politics of the 2018 Elections?

Male candidates’ strategic and tactical decisions in this year’s election—just like women’s—will either replicate or disrupt prevailing norms of gender in society and on the campaign trail. What choices will they make?

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