Economic Justice Isn’t Part of Trump’s Budget

The budget proposes $1.5 trillion in cuts to federal spending, setting its particular sights on the decimation of programs that aid lower income families, the elderly, students and women.

A Seat at the Table for Women—And A Big Step Closer to World Peace

The Women, Peace and Security Act was signed into law Friday. This historic legislation could not be more necessary or timely.

The Trump Administration Just Dismantled the Affordable Care Act’s Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

“These new rules are, by definition, a discriminatory attack on women.”

The Women, Peace and Security Act Guarantees Women a Seat at the Table

The Women, Peace and Security Act mandates that federal agencies prioritize women’s participation internally and on-the-ground in conflict zones.

Sexist Attacks Won’t Stop San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz From Speaking Truth to Trump

Trump’s sexist attacks toward the Mayor of San Juan are unsurprising. What is more remarkable—and certainly more impressive—is Cruz’s persistence.

Civil Rights Wronged

While headlines focus on the latest White House scandal, President Donald Trump’s executive agencies are working quietly to roll back civil rights protections and enforcement.

A Menacing Speech on the Global Stage

Imagine a world where countries only act in their own self-interest? It’s a gloomy vision—and one where women and girls are invariably left behind.

Are We Really Surprised?

On Sunday, the President of the United States retweeted a doctored video in which he hits a golf ball that subsequently hits and knocks over Hillary Clinton.

Tracking—and Funding—Women’s Progress in the Age of Trump

Next week kicks off the annual UN General Assembly. For women’s rights observers, it’s worth a check-in: How are women doing worldwide?

The Department of Injustice

While politics have always influenced the priorities of the Civil Rights Division, both Republic and Democratic appointees heading the Division have supported its core mission—to enforce the nation’s civil rights laws. But is that still true?

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