We Must Protect the Violence Against Women Act

Thanks in large part to VAWA, survivors are more supported when they come forward—but this law and the survivors it protects are now in jeopardy.

We Don’t Need Another Diva

Clinton’s loss should not have surprised me: the most visible women in our culture, equally adored and reviled, divas are meant to fail. Or so the story goes.

Going Beyond Roe

Comparing Roe to the more powerful and robust principles of international law that safeguard a women’s right to choose makes it clear there is room for improvement domestically.

25 Ways to #DressLikeAWoman

Donald Trump’s White House dress code implores women to “dress like women”—and women on Twitter had a lot to say about it.

Trump’s Global Gag Rule Silences Doctors and Midwives and Harms Their Patients

Under the Trump version of the global gag rule, millions of women in some of the poorest places in the world will lose access to affordable, high-quality, comprehensive reproductive health care

Donald Trump is Facing Another Lawsuit Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Summer Zervos, one of the multiple women who accused President Donald Trump of unwanted sexual advances, is now suing him for defamation.

NEWSFLASH: Feminists Are Fighting Trump’s Anti-Woman Supreme Court Nominee

“We must fight his confirmation with every fiber of our being.”

Not This Time: Fighting Trump’s Muslim Ban

President Donald Trump Friday sparked outrage when he signed a sweeping executive order restricting immigration and refugee resettlement. The fight goes on.

Trump’s Labor Secretary Won’t Fight for Workers

Andrew Puzder’s public comments and his company’s lingering controversies show him to be someone geared to undermine the Labor Department’s mission.

NEWSFLASH: House Advances Anti-Abortion Legislation

The House yesterday voted 238-183 to pass H.R. 7, and the legislation is now headed to the Senate. If signed into law, it would deny over 28 million women access to abortion coverage.