The War on Women’s Health

Trumpcare leaves 23 million more people uninsured and slashes $834 billion from Medicaid, rewarding the wealthy while penalizing low-income women.

Nevada Says ERA Yes

In Nevada, the November 2016 elections set the stage for the state’s groundbreaking vote for equality.

Trump’s War on Women Includes Mother Nature

By pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Trump has stripped Mother Nature of her rights. And she will not remain silent.

The Abuser-in-Chief’s Budget

President Trump’s proposed budget reflects his lack of interest in supporting survivors.

Gender Played a Starring Role in the 2016 Election

Just as it would be inaccurate to claim gender as the sole factor in shaping the 2016 election, it would be similarly irresponsible to ignore its role in the presidential race and its interaction with other key dynamics of the campaign.

The Uncertain Future of U.S. Global Leadership for Women and Girls

Trump’s budget is bad for development, multilateralism and—most especially—for women and girls.

No More Compromises: Fighting Abortion Restrictions The Right Way

The division of abortion from women’s equality in the United States—now embedded for over 47 years—is unlike anywhere else in the world, and it has been harming women at home and abroad for decades.

A Cruel Attack on Women and the Poor: Six Low-Lights From Trump’s Budget

The Trump Administration today released its FY 2018 budget, calling it “A New Foundation for American Greatness.” Early analysis of the budget, however, shows that it’s anything but.

Red With Envy: A Feminist Anthropology of Republican Policy

What if the war on women boils down to a simple emotion: jealousy?

Sally Yates Is a Profile in Courage

The fired acting attorney general proved this week that there are still a few in Washington who believe in truth and the law.

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