How Will Male Candidates Shape the Gender Politics of the 2018 Elections?

Male candidates’ strategic and tactical decisions in this year’s election—just like women’s—will either replicate or disrupt prevailing norms of gender in society and on the campaign trail. What choices will they make?

Diversity and SNAP Decisions: How Women’s Voices Would Have Built a Better Farm Bill

The House proposal to cut funding for food stamps in the 2018 Farm Bill is fundamentally divorced from the reality and lived experiences of women’s lives. It’s not based upon any true understanding of what it is that women actually need to work. And that’s unsurprising—since a group of white, male members introduced it.

Mike Pompeo Would Put Women and Girls Worldwide at Risk as Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo’s alarming record leaves no doubt that, as the nation’s top diplomat, he will double-down on the Trump Administration’s war on women.

The 2018 Farm Bill Will Disproportionately Harm Single Mothers

Make no mistake: Those most affected by the harsh proposals in this legislation will be women—specifically single mothers.

The Political Double-Standards Facing Cynthia Nixon

Why haven’t we seen as many women transition from the spotlight to the debate stage? The research into women candidates illuminates a few reasons.

War on Women Report No. 22

As recordings of the president bragging about sexually assault women resurfaced in the news this week, Madeleine Albright called out his sexism. In the midst of it all, a dangerously anti-abortion and anti-contraception Trump nominee for the federal bench had her confirmation hearing.

Costa Rica Just Elected the First Black Woman Vice President in Latin America’s History

Epsy Campbell Barr made history when she and Carlos Alvarado scored a victory in Costa Rica’s presidential election earlier this month.

Boy, Bye: Paul Ryan’s Anti-Woman Reign in the House is Finally Over

Let’s not mince words: Paul Ryan’s retirement is a victory for women across the country, and feminists won’t soon forget it. 

The #MeToo March to the Polls

According to new research, American women are mobilized and energized because of the #MeToo movement and the Trump administration’s antiquated sexism—and they’re poised to fuel a massive re-alignment of our government at all levels in just a few short months.

War on Women Report No. 21

The Trump administration’s attacks on immigrant women were unrelenting this week—and women were often the ones in the crosshairs.

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