Six Ways Trump’s Budget Proposal Hurts Women

Much of Trump’s budget target the same group that has been bearing the brunt of the administration’s bigotry and intolerance: women.

The Horror Moves West

The heart of darkness, “the horror, the horror” of which Joseph Conrad warned, lies not in some distant jungle—but right here, in our midst.

What the Global Community Can Learn from Korea’s Olympic Unification

In the midst of a “my nuclear button is bigger than yours” competition between the President of the United States and the North Korean Supreme Leader, the Unified Korean Women’s Hockey team is exactly the type of “sports diplomacy” the world needs right now.

The Trump Administration is (Still) Disrupting Abortion Access for Migrant Teens in Custody

Jane Doe’s fight for an abortion while in federal custody isn’t over—and other immigrants and refugees are fighting back.

Gloria Steinem Pushes Back on Borders

Los Angeles City College’s Herb Alpert Music Center came alive last week when Ms. co-founder Gloria Steinem joined activist and entrepreneur Samantha Ramirez-Herrera for a conversation about immigration.

Go Nancy Go!

Nancy Pelosi today spoke out in support of DREAMers on the House floor for eight hours. She wore four-inch heels and drank only water. It was the longest speech in floor history.

#DisarmThePatriarchy: Women Speak Out on Peace, Security and Nuclear War

Women experts came together to break down and discuss issues spanning from nuclear war to the unique perspectives women bring to peace-making tables. We captured their conversation.

Taking on Trump’s Dangerous Nuclear Posture Review

Trump’s review claims that the world is more dangerous than ever—and then suggests that building more nuclear weapons systems is the safest solution. We’re not buying it.

Feminists Across the Country Talked Back During Trump’s State of the Union

Trump’s speech was notably void of references to women’s rights—but across the country, women were listening, watching and fighting back.

Tammy Duckworth’s Historic Pregnancy is a Reminder: We Need More Women in Politics

Duckworth’s pregnancy is good news for all women—as it marks the beginning of a critical dialogue about the need for more women in politics, and for better conditions for all pregnant working women.

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