A Cruel Attack on Women and the Poor: Six Low-Lights From Trump’s Budget

The Trump Administration today released its FY 2018 budget, calling it “A New Foundation for American Greatness.” Early analysis of the budget, however, shows that it’s anything but.

Red With Envy: A Feminist Anthropology of Republican Policy

What if the war on women boils down to a simple emotion: jealousy?

Sally Yates Is a Profile in Courage

The fired acting attorney general proved this week that there are still a few in Washington who believe in truth and the law.

Gender Matters in the Fight for Contraceptive Coverage

No women are included among the 13 senators who make up the new working group expected to write the Senate version of the GOP health care bill.

50 Preexisting Conditions That Can Make You Lose Your Insurance Under Trumpcare

In the Republican approach to health care, the sick could be priced out of the insurance they so desperately need.

In Defense of Identity Politics

After all these years, universality and the common good are still the (unmarked) province of straight white men.

We Need Women Like You in Public Office

Don’t wait for three people to tell you to run. Just wait until you can—and then fight to make a difference in your community.

10 Anti-Feminist Quotes from Stephen Miller, White House Women’s Issues Advisor

Stephen Miller, a lifelong anti-feminist, will now be working alongside Ivanka Trump on women’s issues in the White House.

Healthy Pregnancies Are Essential

Sacrificing care for pregnant women to satisfy Republican rhetoric is wrong. For moms and babies, health insurance is about more than politics–it’s a matter of life and death.

Wendy Carrillo Wants the Future to Be Female—and Unapologetic

Wendy Carrillo didn’t win the election for California’s 34th District Congressional seat—but she captured the spirit of her community.

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