NEWSFLASH: Donald Trump Just Put Millions of Women At Risk

Let’s not mince words: The Global Gag Rule kills women.

What Tillerson Could Mean for US. Foreign Policy and Women’s Empowerment Programs

Rex Tillerson’s hearing presented an incomplete picture as to what we might expect—but certainly some cause for optimism.

10 Things Women Lose if the Affordable Care Act is Repealed

Women stand to lose access to critical services—and protection from discrimination by health care providers—if the ACA is repealed in full.

Activists Are Pushing Back Against Trump’s Sexist, Racist, Anti-LGBT Attorney General Nominee

Feminist and civil rights leaders are fighting back against the nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Meet 11 of the Feminists in the 115th Congress

The 115th Congress was sworn in this week, and an impressive crop of new feminist women were among them—leaders who will take up the fight for women’s rights in the Senate and the House.

The Media’s Woman Problem In A Trump Age

It’s heartening that liberal publications around the country are now an emboldened vanguard against Donald Trump’s misogyny. But the sexism and inequality that allow misogyny to thrive run deep in these same news outlets.

Not Going Back: Education Equity and Title IX

Republicans are determined to reverse the Obama administration’s use of Title IX to hold schools accountable for addressing campus sexual assault.

Not Going Back: Economic Equality

We must fight for workers’ rights and protecting social security despite Republican opposition.

Not Going Back: The Affordable Care Act and Medicaid

Though Trump has backtracked slightly on the issue since the election, we still expect an all-out effort by Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Not Going Back: Drawing a Line in the Sand to Defend Our Rights

Make no mistake: Republicans intend to dismantle the policies that have allowed women and other communities to have a chance at opportunity, advancement and economic stability.