For Men, Same-Gender Tickets are a Presidential Norm—But Could Hillary Pick a Woman?

Included amidst the speculation about whom Hillary Clinton will choose as her running mate is an oft-repeated question: can she choose another woman?

House Democrats Are Taking Historic Action for Common-Sense Gun Law Reform

Over 30 legislators are participating in a sit-in on the House floor today to call for action on gun violence—including women like Rep. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Trump Taps into White Male Anxiety, But Will it Work with Millennial Men?

Unlike older men—who have seen the advancement of women and people of color over their lifetimes as a cost to their own power—white male millennials may view efforts to uplift and empower groups they perceive as already equal to them as unfair and radical.

NEWSFLASH: California is Scrapping a Discriminatory Welfare Rule

California took a giant step toward economic and racial justice for women and families on Wednesday.

Is Washington Ready for a Feminist Foreign Policy?

Whether the traditional foreign policy establishment in Washington wants to admit it, gender has been thrust into the center of global security.

Welcome to the United State of Women

A diverse group of celebrated women are delivering a powerful message to the country: “Today, we will change tomorrow.”

Why Are We Still Talking About Hillary Clinton’s Clothes?

Nearly 100 years after women won suffrage, we’re still waiting for those in the realm of politics to be judged not for the fabrics on their skin, but the content of their minds.

Going Negative: Why Women Can’t Act Like Men

Voters feel women should be compassionate and relatable, and that those are the strengths they should use to overcome negativity. Because of those gendered expectations, many people penalize women candidates when they come out swinging.

So-Called Predators in the Bathroom… Again

The transgender “bathroom panic” is making legislative gains across the country, thanks to conservative scare tactics to vilify the transgender community as sexual predators. Recently, an anti-LGBT bill, HB 2, was introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly; within hours, it had been signed by GOP Gov. Pat McCrory. The bill was introduced in response to a […]

How Donald Trump Got Gender Wrong (Again)

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump told his supporters and the press: “Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5 percent of the vote.” There’s no basis for that calculation, of course. It assumes that nearly 55 percent of the Democratic primary electorate voted for Clinton based on gender alone. More specifically, […]