Q&A: Erin Schrode, Youngest Person to Ever Run for Congress, Wants to Make an Impact

“You don’t have to wait 20 years. You don’t need a ton of money in the bank. Your family doesn’t have to be in politics. You don’t need that name. You don’t need special connections. You can run. You can make a difference.”

Comprehensive Funding to Combat Zika Shouldn’t Come at the Cost of Women’s Health

It’s unfortunate—but sadly unsurprising—that in the midst of global health emergency, lawmakers are too busy playing political games over women’s healthcare to coordinate the necessary response.

Why Are We So Hard on Hillary?

The real “rigging” in the 2016 election lies in our well-learned biases about women and leadership.

If Hillary Doesn’t “Look Presidential,” Blame History

For 227 years, looking presidential has meant being a man. Perhaps that’s what stumping Trump.

“Remember the Ladies” on Women’s Equality Day

The visionary pioneers who campaigned for decades to make it possible did not achieve the vote in their lifetime.

What If Women Had Never Won the Vote?

It’s undeniable: The 19th amendment has had a huge impact on American politics—especially in the past four decades. But what if it had never passed?

The Women’s Vote is the Key to Gender Equality—and National Security

The bottom line? Peace, prosperity and security are not possible anywhere without women’s rights.

Losing Ground as We Make History: On Women’s Representation in Public Office

What we need from our leaders, organizations and the public at-large is sustained focus and support getting women to run for public office.

How Seven Words Deny Abortions to Women Raped in War

We don’t just stop at obstructing the right to abortion access within the U.S., we also deny it to thousands of women and girls all over the world.

Exploring How Women Shape Politics in the New Issue of Ms.

As the fall election nears, we’re taking a close look at the intersection of gender and politics with a feminist perspective.