We’re (Still) at War

Despite the ambiguity of outcomes in Afghanistan, the outcomes in America are clear: U.S. military service members are going to stay at war, and the president’s core base of support will cheer him for it.

Constitutional Cities

The current administration would have us believe that so-called sanctuary jurisdictions are making cities less safe. There is one (very big) catch: the claims are untrue.

Trump Tweets Cartoon of Train Hitting Reporter After Woman is Killed by Car in Charlottesville

This attack on the media comes as less of a surprise than its timing.

Heartbroken, But Standing Strong

I got my start in social justice fighting against segregation as a college student in North Carolina. I never thought in 2017 that I would still have to fight racism in its ugliest, most naked form.

Trump and the Red Pill

MRAs and the alt-right are meshing together, and the President himself is pulling from both of their handbooks.

The NAACP Issued a First-of-its-Kind Travel Warning for Missouri

The NAACP this summer released a statement advising people of color against traveling to Missouri in light of recent events in the state and a new “Jim Crow Law” passed by Governor Greitens.

Beyond Representation: Exploring the Credibility Gap in Public Service

More women voting on our legislation is critical, but what about the power of us women already working in politics?

An Ambitious Push for Parity

A new campaign aims to fill half of the 500,000 elected positions across the U.S. with women lawmakers by 2030.

Lawmakers and Advocates Urge the DCCC to Stand Firm on Abortion Rights

Women’s lives are on the line—will Democrats stand firm in saving them?

Roving Patrols As A Call to Resistance

It was on April 20 that I first saw them. On the freeway, border patrol officers were taking the place of state police.

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