Rewire is Tracking Religious Imposition Laws

So-called “religious freedom” is being used as a cover across the country for laws targeting women and LGBT folks. A new tool by Rewire shows the full scope of their impact.

WATCH: A Musical Tribute to Pantsuits, Spacesuits and the Women Who Move Us Forward

What do Sigourney Weaver and Hillary Clinton have in common? Comedians Katie Goodman and Soren Kisiel have an answer: power suits.

NEWSFLASH: Donald Trump’s Pick for Labor Secretary is an Insult to Working Women

The decision marks yet another appointment putting those who intend to do their best to dismantle or obstruct progress in positions of power.

Lawmakers and Activists Call on Obama to Declassify Russian Election Interference Information

After one of the most unusual elections in modern history—in which Clinton campaign executives sounded an alarm about Russia hacking the DNC—eight Democratic senators on the Senate Intelligence Committee are urging President Obama to declassify information related to Russia’s interference in the U.S. election.

We Need Saturday Night Live to Survive the Next Four Years

SNL has reminded me to leave room for laughter and that comedy can be both cathartic and productive.

Trump’s Cabinet Picks In Their Own Words

We’ve decided to let Trump’s domestic policy team strut their stuff and let their words speak for themselves.

At Women’s Colleges, the Fight Goes On

The community at Wellesley, and communities at women’s colleges like it, did not rest in defeat after the election. Instead, they fought on.

What Do I Say to My Afghan Daughter?

“I reassure my Afghan daughter that we love her, that all Americans do not hate all Muslims and that our democracy will endure.”

Nancy Pelosi Re-Elected House Minority Leader

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has championed healthcare and women’s rights since 2003. On Wednesday night, she re-earned her place as one of the most powerful Speakers of the House to date.

Donald Trump is a Trigger

How can survivors move forward into a Trump presidency when it reminds them, consistently and unrelentingly, of one of the worst experiences of their lives?