RNC Speakers by the Numbers

Of 105 speakers, 29–or 28 percent–were women; 76–or 72 percent–were men.

The Tampon Ticket

Donald Trump’s selection of Indiana Governor Mike Pence for VP has observers puzzling through the similarities and differences between the candidates. There’s one unexpected and oddly ironic commonality that the two men share: menstruation.

It’s Politics. What Does Motherhood Have To Do With It?

For women in politics, motherhood is too often used as an indicator of compassion and concern for the future. These are laudable qualities, but motherhood is not a necessary condition for inhabiting them—and when we assume that it is, everybody loses.

On Gender Parity in a Clinton Cabinet

Among the top goals for Hillary Clinton’s first 100 days is to “tap women to make up half of her cabinet.”

The “Woman Card” Election: Why Shouldn’t We Be Talking About Our Identities?

Perhaps celebrating our differences and coming together through the democratic process in the interest of self-government is a revolutionary act, but it’s also deeply American.

Looking at Hillary’s Nomination Through a Nordic Lens

While 2016 saw a US milestone with the presumptive nomination of Hillary Clinton, in Iceland, a woman on the ballot is not such a big deal.

NEWSFLASH: Historic Stonewall Inn is Now a National Monument Honoring the Fight for LGBT Rights

The Stonewall Inn, and the rebellion there, became the iconic turning point that ignited the long, arduous battle towards equality for all members of the LGBT community.

For Men, Same-Gender Tickets are a Presidential Norm—But Could Hillary Pick a Woman?

Included amidst the speculation about whom Hillary Clinton will choose as her running mate is an oft-repeated question: can she choose another woman?

House Democrats Are Taking Historic Action for Common-Sense Gun Law Reform

Over 30 legislators are participating in a sit-in on the House floor today to call for action on gun violence—including women like Rep. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Trump Taps into White Male Anxiety, But Will it Work with Millennial Men?

Unlike older men—who have seen the advancement of women and people of color over their lifetimes as a cost to their own power—white male millennials may view efforts to uplift and empower groups they perceive as already equal to them as unfair and radical.