Perfect Bedfellows: Anti-Abortion Lobby Joins NRA To Block Judicial Nominee


There’s hardly a better snapshot of the modern-day conservative movement than the fight over the appointment of Caitlin Halligan. And it’s ugly. Anti-choicers joined with anti-gun reform advocates to defeat the nomination of Halligan just last week by threatening a filibuster. President Obama originally nominated Halligan, general counsel for the Manhattan district attorney’s office and […]

The Feminist Factor: More than Half of 2012 Women Voters Identify As Feminists

Feminist Factor 2006-2012

A newly released voter poll finds that feminists, not just women in general, were key to the 2012 election results. Fully 55 percent of women voters self-identified as feminists–an increase of 9 percent since the last presidential election in 2008. And if those polled were given a follow-up question that included a definition of feminism, the […]

Obama Pushes to Diversify the Judiciary

Supreme Court

In effort to transform the court system to resemble the society it governs, President Obama is pushing to name more women and minorities to the federal judiciary bench. Unfortunately, his efforts to diversify the judiciary system face Republican resistance. After receiving criticism that he didn’t make a significant enough effort to fill vacancies in the […]

How the Sequester Will Hurt Women And Children


Huge U.S. budget cuts (to the tune of $85 billion for 2013) will take effect on Friday unless Congress acts quickly to prevent sequestration. These impending cuts are the result of the Budget Control Act, a 2011 piece of legislation which stipulated that if a bill to reduce the national deficit is not produced, across-the-board […]

State of the Union: Takeaways for Women’s Issues


On Tuesday, President Barack Obama gave his fourth State of the Union address, laying out a vision for his second term. While the address focused primarily on the recovering economy, gun violence, voting reform, education and climate change, President Obama had some strong words on women’s issues. For one thing, Obama urged the House to […]

Obama’s Address: We Loved When He Honored “Seneca Falls and Selma and Stonewall”


We liked what we heard from the 44th president of the United States on the occasion of his second inaugural–especially about protecting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security; recognizing and acting on climate change; paying women equitably; resolving global disputes peacefully; guaranteeing every citizen security and dignity; welcoming immigrants; and more. We’ve boldfaced some of our […]

Government-Issued IDs: A Barrier to the Vote AND to Emergency Contraception

Picture 7

This past election cycle, we saw the power a government-issued ID can give an individual. In states where voter ID laws were being enforced, individuals who did not have government IDs could not exercise their right to vote. Several communities were adversely affected: transgender people, Latinos, African Americans, students, the elderly, people with disabilities—in short, […]

Senator Deb Fischer: Breaking Barriers, But Not in Feminism

Picture 1

The tumultuous 2012 election was historic for women in more ways than one. Women voters made up 54 percent of the electorate and favored the president by an 11 percent gap, ushering him to reelection. America elected a record number of women to the Senate, with Tammy Baldwin becoming the first out lesbian senator and […]

Nancy Pelosi Is Still Leader of the Pack


House Leader Nancy Pelosi announced to her caucus Wednesday morning that she will continue to serve as minority leader in the upcoming session of Congress. In a press conference Wednesday morning, Pelosi noted the huge impact women voters had on the outcome of the 2012 election: Yesterday, when we gathered here, I began my comments […]

Lame Duck Congress Might Try to Water Down Medicare


With a lame duck Congress now in session, Medicare–the old age public health program upon which women disproportionately depend–is expected to be in the cross-hairs. “Medicare will be front and center in the debate,” predicted Susan Carroll, senior scholar at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey […]