The War on Women, Michigan Front


Yesterday in Lansing, Michigan, on the steps of the state Capitol, a crowd estimated at 2,500 to 5,000 watched in delight as women legislators help enact a performance of The Vagina Monologues, joined by its writer, Eve Ensler (see photo at bottom). What led up to this? Former Michigander Carol King reports: Michigan’s rabid anti-choice […]

Gail Collins’ Lone Star Takedown

Gail Collins

If you know that Mitt Romney once drove to Canada with his dog strapped to the roof of his car in a crate, it’s probably because you read Gail Collins’ regular column in The New York Times. She’s mentioned it in more than 60 pieces, and whenever she wickedly weaves it into a story I […]

North Dakota Votes: Women, 1; Bishops, 0

North Dakota Measure 3

North Dakota primaries don’t typically transfix the nation. But yesterday, all eyes were on polling centers in Bismarck and Fargo awaiting the outcome of Measure 3, the so-called “religious liberties” amendment to the State Constitution that would have spelled a major blow to women’s rights. Fortunately, the measure was defeated by an overwhelming margin of […]

“War on Unborn Girls,” Or Just More War on Women? (Update: VICTORY!)

Lila Rose War on Unborn Girls

Update 5/31/12: PRENDA was defeated in the House after failing to receive a two-thirds majority vote. The vote was 246-168 in favor, short of the 276 votes needed to pass. Lila Rose, the 23-year-old anti-choice crusader who devotes her waking hours to exposing the so-called “corruption” and “illegal activity” of abortion providers, has struck again. […]

Obama Evolves!


It’s official. After a week of speculation about whether the White House was going to take a strong stand on marriage equality, President Obama has gone on record in support of same-sex marriage rights. After explaining how his views have changed over the years, the President said the words that many of his supporters have […]

Group Opposes VAWA Because Act Helps Lesbians


Need another reason to support Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization? Concerned Women for America (CWA) is against it. Yes, the same group that opposes abortion and most forms of birth control [PDF], as well as all LGBT rights: marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, adoption and hate crimes protection. For their “dubious” anti-gay statements–including equating […]

15 Days Left To Stop North Carolina’s Gay Marriage Ban


co-written with Tracy Hollister North Carolina has the dishonorable distinction of becoming the first state to put an anti-gay marriage amendment on a 2012 ballot. On May 8, voters in the state will weigh in on the North Carolina’s Amendment 1, which states that “marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union […]

Save the California Commission on the Status of Women!


The California Commission on the Status of Women has been keeping its eye on the ball for California women for 47 years: researching, advising on legislation and advocating for gender equality. Perhaps that’s why California was ranked the 5th “Best State for Women” in iVillage‘s recent survey. So why has Governor Jerry Brown proposed to […]

Four New Laws Wisconsin Women Can’t Afford

scott walker

It might seem a bad time to repeal equal pay laws when women who graduate college earn $1.2 million less during their lifetimes than their male peers. It might also seem ill-conceived to replace effective sex education with abstinence-only programs while making abortion restrictions tighter. But Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has never been a master […]

Justice Department Protects Voting Rights for Minorities in Texas


Yesterday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder used his powers under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to block enforcement of a prohibitive new voting law in Texas. The law would have required voters to show government-issued identification at the polls. The Justice Department ruled that Texas’ law would disproportionately deny Hispanics and other marginalized populations […]