Oklahoma City’s First New Abortion Clinic in 40 Years

Oklahoma has passed the most restrictions on abortion in the country—and women went without access to proper reproductive and sexual healthcare.

Pushing Back on the House’s Abortion Provider “Witch Hunt”

The House Select Investigate Panel recently demanded abortion providers submit information including medical records to the panel. This is the response of Dr. Warren Hern.

Your Obstetrician (and Trump) Will See You Now

Neither I nor any legislator knows what is best for every person or family.

We Won’t Wait: Linking Economic Justice to Reproductive Health Access

The reproductive and sexual health and overall wellbeing of individuals is dependent on their ability to provide for themselves and their families.

Most State Policies Are Failing Low-Income Women and Families

An analysis revealed the economic dilemma imposed upon women by state policies that complicate both abortion care and childcare.

The First Debate Didn’t Mention Abortion Even Though The Theme Was “Prosperity, Direction & Security”

The first presidential debate Monday night mentioned many controversial things: stop-and-frisk policy, Donald Trump’s history of bankruptcy, and even Hillary Clinton’s appearance. But one topic the debate didn’t address was abortion.

Utah’s Anti-Abortion Laws Aren’t Changing Women’s Minds

A new study shows that despite anti-abortion laws that complicate women’s access to reproductive health care, a majority of women seeking abortion still ultimately complete the procedure.

We Can’t Let Anti-Abortion Extremists Block Abortion Access in Oklahoma City

Trust Women South Wind’s clinic in Oklahoma City cannot wait—and neither can the patients who will soon rely on it for vital reproductive healthcare.

How Seven Words Deny Abortions to Women Raped in War

We don’t just stop at obstructing the right to abortion access within the U.S., we also deny it to thousands of women and girls all over the world.

These Eight Pro-Choice Posters are Sparking a Dialogue on Abortion in Chile

This is what I found outside the University of Chile: absolutely beautiful and incredibly powerful pro-choice artwork by a group called the Feminist Propaganda Brigade.