NEWSFLASH: Activists in Wichita Are Mobilizing Against Anti-Abortion Extremists

The Feminist Majority Foundation has launched a multi-platform campaign pushing back against the influx of anti-abortion groups coming to Wichita.

A Play Called “Roe”

When Oregon Shakespeare Festival commissioned playwright Lisa Loomer to write a play about a moment of change in American history for their American Revolutions Cycle, she chose Roe v. Wade.

Today’s Supreme Court Victory Also Spotlights the Importance of the Upcoming Election for Abortion Rights

Today certainly marks a victory in the fight for reproductive rights—but this ruling is also a stark reminder of how precarious our progress remains.

Cable News Networks Are Perpetuating Abortion Myths

How much do our news networks really discuss reproductive rights and abortion, in what context, and how often do they get their facts right? The answers to these questions are far more grim than we’d like to believe.

What Happened to Abortion Access While You Were Watching the Presidential Primaries

For the past few months we have all been watching the presidential primary debates to find out where candidates stand on the issues that are important to us, such as equal pay, federal abortion laws and funding for Planned Parenthood. But while our eyes have been glued to the national stage, a whole lot has […]

UC Berkeley Students are Fighting for On-Campus Abortion Access

More than one-quarter of abortions in the United States are obtained by women ages 18 to 24—roughly college age—yet many students’ access to the procedure is limited by state laws, the location of clinics and, in particular, a lack of reproductive health services on campus. The students’ association at UC Berkeley is fighting to change that. Last month, the […]

FDA Expands Access to Medication Abortion

The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made mifepristone (the early option of abortion by pills, or medication abortion) more accessible to women but still kept in place unnecessary regulations. The FDA announced changes yesterday to the label for mifepristone, one of the drugs in a two-drug regimen used to induce early abortion. It lowered the […]

Challenging the Stereotype of the “Evil, Irresponsible” Abortion-Seeker

I am not 22. I am not single. I am not what they wish I was. I am not the stereotype that the anti-choice crowd claims all abortion-seekers are. I am a mother of two who loves her daughters deeply, and their father is my first and only husband. Both of our kids were conceived […]

A Senate Committee is Considering These Outrageous Anti-Abortion Bills Instead of a New Supreme Court Judge

Reprinted with permission from The Hill On March 15, the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on two separate bills that would, among other things, impose a federal ban on abortion at or after 20 weeks post-fertilization (equivalent to 22 weeks’ gestation). Both bills would do nothing to advance public health and are instead […]

Abortion is a Constitutional Right. We Need to Stop Talking Like it Isn’t.

Political elites on the left have a history of telling the public that whether the Constitution protects abortion is an open question. Raising the specter of Roe v. Wade being overturned or gutted is a time-honored tactic for rallying the base. But with the Supreme Court hearing Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt today and Justice […]