Disrupting the Solitude of Women

How women abort when it is forbidden—and the networks that help them.

NEWSFLASH: Rates of Severe Violence Targeting Abortion Providers, Patients and Clinics at a 20-Year High

The 2016 National Clinic Violence Survey found that severe anti-abortion violence and threats of violence against women’s health clinics have skyrocketed in the last two years. The number of clinics reporting that they have experienced severe violence was the highest since 1995.

Going Beyond Roe

Comparing Roe to the more powerful and robust principles of international law that safeguard a women’s right to choose makes it clear there is room for improvement domestically.

Trump’s Global Gag Rule Silences Doctors and Midwives and Harms Their Patients

Under the Trump version of the global gag rule, millions of women in some of the poorest places in the world will lose access to affordable, high-quality, comprehensive reproductive health care

Texas Study Proves That Without Access, There Is No Choice

Donald Trump thinks traveling to another state for abortion isn’t an obstacle. This study proves him wrong.

This Clinic Stays Open

It was 1986. A friend passed me a note after math class. All it said was “meet me after lunch.”

NEWSFLASH: House Advances Anti-Abortion Legislation

The House yesterday voted 238-183 to pass H.R. 7, and the legislation is now headed to the Senate. If signed into law, it would deny over 28 million women access to abortion coverage.

NEWSFLASH: Donald Trump Just Put Millions of Women At Risk

Let’s not mince words: The Global Gag Rule kills women.

Why We March: Reproductive Justice for All Women

I march because as I grapple with the profound implications the rise of anti-choice politicians at the state and federal level will have on my community, I want to send a message that is loud and clear: We are not defeated and we are not going anywhere.

Degrassi‘s Groundbreaking Abortion Storyline

In a recent episode of the “Degrassi: Next Class,” Lola decides to have an abortion after she discovers she’s pregnant from a one-night stand at a party.

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