March Madness Made Me Question My Feminist Credentials


While the Syracuse University men’s basketball team finished their run in the 2012 NCAA March Madness tournament against Ohio State, I watched with a heavy hoops fan’s heart at a bar on campus with hundreds of other Orange fans. As a feminist, though, my enthusiastic support for my school’s basketball team feels problematic at times. I cheer and cry for […]

Power Worth Celebrating: ESPN Focuses on Title IX


ESPN, the cable television sports network, has tipped off the celebration of Title IX’s 40th anniversary early with the launch of Power of IX, a three-month multi-platform initiative dedicated to women’s sports. Considering that this coming Sunday and Tuesday is when the NCAA Women’s Final Four in basketball will be played in Denver, it’s a […]

A Starting Line-Up of Women’s Basketball Trailblazers


When the 30th annual installment of the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship tips off Saturday, fans will be glued to the screen, wondering if anyone can stop undefeated Baylor and player of the year Brittney Griner. The athletes on the 64 teams in the tournament stand on the shoulders of generations of women who played […]

No Joy in Penn State, But a Flicker of Hope

penn state

No one knew exactly what was going to happen. But as the Penn State Nittany Lions walked onto the field at Beaver Stadium on Saturday, the applause that grew in the stands was loaded. How do you clap for a program led by a man who knew that one of his coaches molested at least […]

Women Boxers Advised To Wear Skirts

women boxing

According to the BBC, the Amateur International Boxing Association is advising women boxers to wear skirts. The President of the Association, Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu, argues that it allows viewers to tell the difference between the men and the women: I have heard many times, people say, ‘We can’t tell the difference between the men and the women,’ […]

Life Without Title IX


It’s very easy for me to imagine life without Title IX. That’s because I already lived it. I was quite the little jock growing up. I spent every evening after school skateboarding, or playing ball in the street with my neighborhood buddies. In the summers I played tennis and swam. But when the boys I […]

USA World Cup Soccer Women: No Apologies!


As the FIFA Women’s World Cup ended on July 17 with a stirring, nail-biting  victory by Japan over the USA, we can celebrate a triumph for women athletes everywhere. The matches were beautifully and excitingly fought, as we watched the deft touch of Brazil’s Marta, the unstoppable force of the USA’s Abby Wambach … sports fans of all genders have […]

Quidditch’s Title IX (and Three-Quarters): Anyone Can Ride a Broomstick


With excitement building for the final Harry Potter movie, we’re hosting a week of posts about the series on the Ms. Blog. Today we’ve got a report on gender equity at the heart of the hardest-core Harry Potter fanbase: the people who actually play Quidditch. For the uninitiated, “Muggle” Quidditch is a land-based version of […]

Women’s Soccer World Cup: Controversy Off the Field


Tomorrow morning, the U.S. women’s soccer team will take on North Korea in their first match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which began yesterday. While the international championship itself is sure to be exciting, many events leading up to it have already been making headlines around the world. FIFA, the international governing body of […]

Defying Title IX, Colleges Report Male Athletes as Women


The New York Times has a fascinating 3-minute video on “roster management.” a term referring to the manipulation of Title IX rules in order to appear like you’re following them when you’re not. As the article explains, schools demonstrate compliance with Title IX; …by showing that the number of female athletes is in proportion to […]