Women’s Soccer World Cup: Controversy Off the Field


Tomorrow morning, the U.S. women’s soccer team will take on North Korea in their first match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which began yesterday. While the international championship itself is sure to be exciting, many events leading up to it have already been making headlines around the world. FIFA, the international governing body of […]

Defying Title IX, Colleges Report Male Athletes as Women


The New York Times has a fascinating 3-minute video on “roster management.” a term referring to the manipulation of Title IX rules in order to appear like you’re following them when you’re not. As the article explains, schools demonstrate compliance with Title IX; …by showing that the number of female athletes is in proportion to […]

Jumping for Joy

ski jump

When I first moved to Park City, Utah, in 2004, I was shocked to learn that women ski jumpers were not allowed to go to the Olympics. Heck, what happened to Title IX? But this is the Olympics, where an elite group of mostly men on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) make the rules. For […]

Click! Boys Don’t Like to Lose


Mike Shayne was the first boy to ever ask me out. I was 13, too young to drive, so it was the sort of date where someone’s mom dropped you off some place and picked you up a couple of hours later. I was not attracted to Mike, but nonetheless went roller skating with him (indoor […]

Our Favorite Feminist Hoopster, Male Variety

DJ Gay

UPDATE: D.J. Gay and San Diego State will bring the power of women’s studies to the Sweet Sixteen! Read on … March Madness is in full swing, and it is time for the Ms. Blog to fill out our brackets for the NCAA women’s and men’s basketball tournaments. We can’t tell you all our picks, but […]

Wrestling with “Religious Conviction” vs. Sports Sexism


“Really? Girls wrestling with boys? Has feminism really lost its mind?” So goes the question from Catholic blogger Defend Us in Battle, writing about Joel Northrup’s decision to withdraw from the Iowa state wrestling tournament rather than compete with female opponent Cassy Herkelman. Northrup’s withdrawal resulted in the first-ever win for a female at the […]

There’s a Reason Why Lucy Yanks the Football From Charlie Brown


UPDATE: Behold, even more sexist ads that aired during the big game have been added below. When do corporations spend $100K-per-second for TV ads in which the product will inevitably be forgotten by consumers, but the content will help spread misogynistic stereotypes? On Super Bowl Sunday. Whether or not you enjoy football as a sport or […]

Making Sure High Schools Play Ball With Girls


Most feminists seem well aware of the strides women athletes have made since the inception of Title IX in 1972: Participation by girls and women in school sports has since gone up by 904 percent for high school girls and by 456 percent for young women in college. It’s certainly worth celebrating that today–the 25th […]

Let the Women Fly

Ski Jump Hill, jpg

The calendar may say 2010, but for women ski jumpers it’s still feeling like the 1950s when men competed and women watched. Ski jumping is the only winter Olympic event that doesn’t have a female competition. In October, the 12-member executive board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) met in Acapulco, Mexico to consider adding […]

Title IX Turns 38–And It’s Still Under Attack!


Happy birthday, Title IX! Principally authored by Rep. Patsy Mink (1927-2002), Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination in any program or activity at educational institutions that receive federal funding. Although Title IX affects all areas of education, it has come to be most famous for the huge impact it’s had […]