Feeling Thorny: Or, 10 Reasons Why I Love Women’s Pro Soccer And You Should, Too

I never thought I’d be the kind of person to greet a sports team at an airport dressed in red and holding a sign, but it appears I am. There I was at Portland International Airport September 1 with a crowd of hundreds of cheering, singing, red-clothes-wearing fans to welcome home the Portland Thorns, champions […]

Upcoming Winter Games Puts Spotlight on Russian Homophobia

With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi fast approaching, Russia is making headlines due to concerns over a host of recently introduced anti-LGBT legislation. Concerns were briefly assuaged last week when the Russian government released a statement to the International Olympic Committee reassuring the international community that LGBT foreign athletes would be exempt from Russian anti-LGBT […]

Sexism Causes a Racket at Wimbledon

Britons were elated this week when tennis-star Andy Murray made history by beating opponent Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon finals. Winning Wimbledon is a big deal for British tennis fans and the media exploded with praise for Murray’s victory after a 77-year drought for British tennis players. Unfortunately, media networks from CNN to the BBC got […]

Hey, Brittney Griner Came Out, Too!

With all the hoopla over basketball player Jason Collins becoming the first man in one of the top American pro sports leagues to come out as gay, and then with more hoopla over newly out pro soccer player Robbie Rogers becoming the first openly gay man to actually compete on the field (Collins won’t play […]

Family Man

Martina Navratilova made it plain: Men’s professional basketball player Jason Collins’s announcement that he is gay is a “game changer.” Collins forces a reconsideration of gender assumptions, and his announcement disrupts outdated intersecting logics of gender and race, striking a massive blow against racist stereotypes about black machismo, bodily danger and sexual power. Momentum for […]

Top Five Sexist Super Bowl Ads, 2013

Super Bowl ads are no joke. Just as the NFL’s best teams face off against each other every year, advertisers jockey for who will have the most memorable commercial, spending around $4 million for less than a minute of airtime. And all for very good reason: An estimated 108 million people watched last night’s Super […]

Serena Williams, the Hottentot Venus and Accidental Racism

Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki is probably a nice person in real life. And I’m sure when she decided to imitate Serena Williams at a player exhibition this week, by stuffing bulky towels down her sports bra and tennis skirt, that she was doing it all in good fun with no serious offense intended. Heck, […]

Winning Her Own Marathon

Though the cancellation of yesterday’s New York City Marathon was difficult for the 20,000-some women registered to run, at least it was understandable. Forty years ago, women were barred from starting the race due to sexism, not the aftermath of a hurricane. But thanks to the efforts of Nina Kuscsik, that exclusion was soon history. In […]

Serena and Venus Play for the Male Gaze

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that Serena and Venus Williams were on the cover (left) of The New York Times Magazine last week. Sure, I might have been happier if either of them were wearing a shirt, but with Serena’s 24-pack on display in its full muscular glory, I can see the shirtless argument. […]

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: A Final Feminist Olympic Roundup

 American women cleaned up pretty well at the 2012 London Olympics. Thirty percent of American woman athletes took home medals, while only 15 percent of their male counterparts could boast the same. Even more impressive, U.S. women Olympians took home more medals than all but four countries. That’s what sports equity will do for you […]

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