War on Women Report No. 18

Trump and his cabinet, staff members and surrogates were called out this week for sexist remarks and their inaction on gun violence in the wake of the Parkland shooting. His administration also quietly escalated its attack on Planned Parenthood.

War on Women Report No. 17

Donald Trump’s tweets this week proved his inconsistency on the urgent issue of gun violence—and landed him in legal trouble as a lawsuit advances against his administration for their campus sexual assault policies.

War on Women Report No. 16

While Donald Trump, Jr., was using Twitter to signal support for conspiracy theorists claiming Parkland shooting survivors are “crisis actors,” his father—the President—was using the platform to discredit a woman accusing him of sexual misconduct. Meanwhile, Trump’s administration refuses to recognize abortion as a human right and no longer sees the U.S. as “a nation of immigrants.”

War on Women Report No. 15

This week, the White House protected and defended another alleged serial abuser while John Kelly called immigrants lazy and Donald Trump called his critics treasonous.

War on Women Report No. 14

The Trump administration’s reliance on anti-abortion junk science became apparent this week. Also, Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Nancy Pelosi to smile more.

War on Women Report No. 13

The Trump administration this week continued advancing an anti-immigrant, anti-abortion and increasingly isolationist agenda. Meanwhile, a new report on Trump’s manterruptions of Theresa May (disappointingly) surprised no one.

War on Women Report No. 12

The Trump administration unleashed no-holds-barred attacks on abortion rights, the trans community and immigrants and refugees this week.

War on Women Report No. 11

This week, the Trump administration escalated attacks on immigrants and refugees—and the President himself flat-out refused to say he wasn’t a racist. Plus, lawmakers are coming together in solidarity with the dozen women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment and assault.

War on Women Report No. 10

The Trump administration is continuing to attack reproductive rights, net neutrality and even individual female journalists—and they’re standing firm with Roy Moore in the wake of rape accusations by multiple women.

War on Women Report No. 9

This week, the Trump administration continued a reckless disregard for immigrant girls, a series of attacks on San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and a campaign to paint the women accusing Trump of assault and harassment as liars.

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