Missouri Should Protect—Not Punish—Victims of Workplace Harassment

If the Missouri Legislature has its way this year, it will soon be easier to discriminate against women in the state than anywhere else in the nation.

NEWSFLASH: Bill O’Reilly Ousted from Fox News for Sexual Harassment

Although O’Reilly’s dismissal marks a victory, the fight to end sexual harassment at Fox has just begun.

Trump’s “Innovative” Tax Changes Would Be More of the Same Old Sexism

Tax policy impacts women differently from men—and not in a positive way. If President Trump follows through on his self-proclaimed “innovative” changes, it could get worse.

NEWSFLASH: Advertisers and Advocates Want Fox News to Take Sexual Harassment Seriously

Fox News quietly settled sexual harassment cases against Bill O’Reilly—and now, over 30 companies have pulled ads from his show and activists are calling for his removal.

NEWSFLASH: U.S. Women’s Hockey Players Scored An Equitable Wage Agreement

“We are simply asking USA Hockey to comply with the law.”

It’s Equal Pay Day—And It’s Time for Action

Today women have made us much as men made by December 31 of last year.

NEWSFLASH: Trump Just Weakened LGBT Workplace Protections

Trump has wiped out a process which kept employers accountable for compliance with LGBT workplace protections.

Getting Real about Paid Sick Days

We need national legislation supporting paid sick days.

Fighting For True “Workplace Advancement” in the Trump Era

“Just because you slap the name ‘strong families’ on a bill doesn’t mean that you actually care about families.”

He Told Me Nobody Would Believe Me: Overcoming Office Sexism

I wish that would’ve been the last time I experienced sexism on the job, but unfortunately, it’s a casual hazard of any trade for every woman.

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