The Importance of Sharing Our Stories of Street Harassment


“Does street harassment really happen?” Despite a recent survey finding that 65 percent of all women respondents in the United States have experienced some form of street harassment—including having been touched (23 percent), followed (20 percent) and forced to do something sexual (9 percent)—the question of whether street harassment actually occurs is almost as frequent as […]

Wage Gap Narrows, But We’re Not Cheering Yet

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Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau show that the gender-wage gap has barely budged in the past year. Now, a woman earns 78 cents for every dollar a man earns (versus last year’s 77 cents)—a shift the Census Bureau calls “not statistically significant.” When women are further categorized by race, the wage gap widens […]

When Sports Coaches Are Abusers


The following is an excerpt from “Misplaced Faith” in the Fall 2014 issue of Ms. Read the whole article by getting a digital subscription to the magazine. She is special. That’s what club swim coach Norm Havercroft in Saratoga, California, told the mother of 15-year-old competitive swimmer Jancy Thompson in 1997. And because she was […]

Women in the Skies: The Birth of the Stewardess


This article was excerpted with permission from Collectors Weekly. Read the full story here. Commercial airlines go back as far as 1909, with the first civilian-passenger flight in the United States taking place in 1914. According to, in the United States, the sons of wealthy magnates served as the earliest flight attendants, known as “couriers,” […]

Sleazy or Just Shy? New York Magazine Excuses Terry Richardson


When New York magazine published in June its hotly anticipated profile of controversial photographer Terry Richardson, it ran under the headline “Is Terry Richardson an Artist or a Predator?” Stating the question as a binary, phrasing it as a question at all, should have been our first tip-off that this article was going to be […]

New Rosies Strike For Low-Wage Workers

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President Obama, business and labor leaders, legislators, advocates and others are meeting in Washington, D.C., on Monday as part of the White House Summit on Working Families. Yet just down the road, low-wage, federally contracted women workers are striking to tell the President that the government is not doing enough to support them and their […]

Good Riddance to Dov Charney

May Day March

At this point, it seems Dov Charney is better at making headlines than unisex tri-blend T-shirts. After years of rumors, allegations and lawsuits, the founder and CEO of struggling clothing giant American Apparel is finally out of the job. The company’s board of directors voted unanimously this week to strip Charney of his chairmanship and […]

Homophobia Hinders Women in Building Trades


Despite women’s interest in well-paying blue-collar careers, tradeswomen currently comprise less than 2 percent of the workforce in building trades nationwide. Being one of the few high-paying careers for people without a college degree, trade workers also benefit from having unions, yet the barriers to entry for women remain high. A new study, “Gendered Homophobia […]

“Vocal Fry” Presents New Challenge for Women at Work


If you’ve noticed a recent uptick in the number of people speaking with what sounds like a California drawl, you’re not alone. It’s called “vocal fry,” or “creaky voice,” and while some men and women speak that way naturally, its prominence in celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel and Kim Kardashian is influencing more and more […]

Pigs and Prudes: Skirting the Lawyers’ Dress Code


As if passing the bar wasn’t hard enough, women lawyers and law students are faced with contradictory and often unwritten dress-code rules. First of all, every court has its own set of dress expectations. For example, the Tennessee Supreme Court has rules for how long the sleeves on a woman’s jacket should be. And at […]