March Marching for Fair Food

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This International Women’s Day, women harvesters of our nation’s tomato crops will be five days into a 200-mile trek across Florida that will end March 17. With its emphasis on human rights and social responsibility in the produce industry, the march is another leg of the longer journey to eradicate poverty wages, sexual harassment and […]

Don’t Forget Rosalind Franklin


As 2012 draws to a close, I find myself haunted by the ghosts of Nobel Prizes past. Erik Axel Karlfeldt won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1931; Dag Hammarskjöld won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1961; William Vickrey won the 1996 Nobel in Economic Science and, just a year ago, Ralph Steinman was awarded […]

Why Labor Union Rights Are a Feminist Issue


Amid fervent protests and desperate pleading, the Michigan House of Representatives passed legislation Tuesday that will drastically weaken public unions in a state once known for the strength of its organized labor force. Hours after passing the House, two “right to work” bills, which ban a requirement that nonunion employees pay union fees, were signed […]

On Pearl Harbor Day, Remembering the Homefront


Seventy-one years ago, America’s children learned that Pearl Harbor had been bombed.  Before the attack, few had every heard of Pearl Harbor.  “Who’s she?” more than one child probably asked. Just as 9/11 was a watershed for the millennium generation, Pearl Harbor divided our parents’ childhoods into before and after. Born during the Great Depression, […]

Should the Keishas of the World Put Karen On Their Resume?

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When white America sneezes, black America usually gets the flu. In a still sputtering economy, employment discrimination seems to be having a more blatant impact on African Americans, especially black women, who are trying to stay afloat in a cutthroat job market. This is why the unemployment rate for Americans overall is around eight percent, […]

The End of Men? Not in Alabama


Hanna Rosin, in her recent book The End of Men, says that sociologists have described the collapse of the manufacturing-based white working class but have missed how that event has had different effects on men and women: In fact, the most distinctive change is probably the emergence of an American matriarchy, where the younger men especially […]

Equal Pay, the Election, and Why What Happened to Me Could Happen to You


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), formed in 1965, is the last bastion of defense for countless women who face pay discrimination. Unfortunately, this avenue of protection could be disappearing, and along with it actual consequences for employers who violate the law. Tomorrow, when women cast their votes, we must think of how the government […]

With Jerry Brown’s Veto, California Domestic Workers Still Lack Basic Rights


A lot rode on the shoulders of California Gov. Jerry Brown this past weekend, as a multitude of bills required his signature or veto prior to Sunday’s midnight deadline. While Gov. Brown (left) deserves credit for passing positive legislation, such as the ban on LGBT “conversion therapy” and a law allowing certain undocumented immigrants the […]

Closing the Wage Gap: Can Women Do Well Without Men Doing Badly?


Ever wondered how women in your area fare against the everlasting gender wage gap?  Now, thanks to a recent release from the National Partnership for Women and Families (NPWF), you can see how women are doing right in your congressional district. This analysis of wage gap data, broken down by congressional district for the first […]

We Like You a Lot, Ms. Scientist, But We’d Rather Hire the Guy


A recently released study, “Science Faculty’s Subtle Gender Biases Favor Male Students,” shows compelling evidence for unconscious gender bias among faculty, specifically in some natural and biological science fields. The researchers asked a national sample of 127 biology, physics and chemistry professors to evaluate the application materials of an undergrad science student who applied for […]