Daring to Remember: Submit Your Abortion Story

In the wake of Justice Kennedy’s announcement that he is retiring from the Supreme Court, Roe is more at risk than ever—and so are women’s lives. We are fighting back with our stories.

Ms. is collecting stories both about life in the years before Roe v. Wade and in the face of contemporary attacks on the right to abortion. We want to amplify the experiences of women who had abortions before Roe—or amidst the restrictive laws, clinic harassment and threats of anti-abortion violence in the years after. We also want to tell the stories of women whose lives were forever changed because they could not access abortion—either now or before Roe—and remember women who didn’t survive to tell their own.

These may not be our own stories. They may be the stories whispered to us by our old classmates, by our aunts and cousins. They may be the stories our families and neighbors have dared us to never tell. They may be the stories of our grandmothers, sisters, daughters, mothers and friends.

For too long, these stories have gone untold or been forgotten. Beginning today, we are daring to tell them. We are daring to remember.

Fill out the form below to submit your story for our Daring to Remember series. Submissions may be shared online or in the magazine. You may submit anonymously or use a pseudonym.

  • Please type or past your story in the box below. You may add links if necessary. If you are submitting a full-length piece, you may include a short bio at the end.
  • Let us know how you'd like to be identified—or if you would rather remain anonymous. To use a pseudonym, please select "other" and specify the correct nickname for us to use.
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