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The High-Stakes Election

What the Midterms Could Mean for Survivors of Rape, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

The very lives of women and girls—our safety at home, in school, in the workplace and on the streets—are at stake.

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What Will Come of the First-Ever Convening of Feminist Foreign Ministers?

Canada hosted a historic convening last month of female foreign ministers organized in an effort to cultivate feminist foreign policy that actually sustains lasting change—as opposed to policies that do not spur meaningful action.

How 60 Women and 11,000 Donors Brought the Stories in Amanda Palmer’s #MeToo Anthem to Life

We talked to Amanda Palmer about the jarring and powerful new music video for her #MeToo anthem, “Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now.”

We Heart: Lynzy Lab’s Satirical Take on These “Scary Times”

“A Scary Time” is the reaffirming song women across the country didn’t know they needed, but definitely deserved.

A Year After #MeToo, Can We Talk About Incest Abuse?

It’s been a year since #MeToo went viral—and incest survivors like me are still waiting for a chance to join the conversation.

We Heart: The #MeToo Movement’s Love Letter to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

“We will be grateful forever to you, Dr. Ford. You’ll see our gratitude in our straightened spines. You’ll see it when we march, when we walk out, when we show up. You’ll see it in the voting lines that go on forever. You’ll see it when you read our names on ballots. You’ll hear it in our reawakened voices. You’ll feel it in our strengthened siblinghood.”

Women Are Not Safe on Rikers Island

Women detained at Rikers are not safe. Neither are the women who visit or the women who work there.

Bringing Women to the Front of NATO’s Critical Work for International Security

Under Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller’s leadership, NATO has redoubled efforts to integrate women’s perspectives and participation.

Imagining a More Just Supreme Court

If a horizon is the farthest point we can see, then I want to look there and find a Court that is not afraid to get uncomfortable and to wade into the muddy waters.

Students Across California Want Abortion Care on Campus—And They’re Not Done Fighting for It

California Governor Jerry Brown last week vetoed a popular measure that would have expanded abortion access for college students. Students and lawmakers across the state were quick to speak out—and continue rising up.

Peace Heroes: Why Nancy Yammout Met with Extremists in Lebanese Prisons

Lebanon’s prison cells are home to many extremists. Nancy Yammout and her sister, Maya, decided to reach out to them and see if they could be convinced to move away from their radical and violent pasts. 

Measure for Measure

Crucial state ballot measures are another important reason for feminists to show up at the polls this fall.

A Return to Separate and Unequal: Education Equity is at Stake in the 2018 Elections

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, the Education Department has been threatened with massive budget cuts, faced repeated risk of wholesale elimination and suffered many smaller blows adding up to significant injury— and students are feeling the pain.

Not-So-Serious Question: Are Men Too Emotional For Leadership Positions?

Brett Kavanaugh’s defensiveness, anger and entitlement in advance of his confirmation to the Supreme Court this weekend presented a salient question.

Four Ways Certainty, Conviction and Anger Can Power Your Voice

Sitting on the sidelines or keeping quiet were not options for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford or professor Anita Hill. A strong motivating force, a sense of obligation or civic duty, propelled them to speak out. That same inner motivation can drive you forward. You can use it to speak out for what you believe in and to push back against bias, exploitation and hate.

“We Stand in Truth and Light”: Survivors, Lawmakers and Feminist Leaders Respond to Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Survivors and feminist leaders, lawmakers and celebrities are calling on all of us to keep fighting in the wake of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation—and to vow to remember in November.

#CancelKavanaugh Continues: Sexual Assault Survivors Aren’t Done Rising Up

Regardless of how this fight ends, feminists have made clear that they’re not going silently into the night. Activists around the country will continue to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination tonight and tomorrow.

Male Supremacist Organizations Have Thrown Their Support Behind Brett Kavanaugh

Multiple male supremacy groups have been vocally supportive of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, even as he faces mounting allegations of sexual assault—which should come as little surprise, considering that the same groups consistently lobby to roll back the rights of survivors.

How to #CancelKavanaugh in Three Easy Steps

Don’t stop fighting. We are the majority, and we can still win this thing.

Thefts and Secrecy

Too many survivors face the same brutal question I did as a child: How much might they might lose, how much more trauma might they bear, should their secrets become known?

Voters Can Challenge the Trump Administration’s Cruel and Misogynist Immigration Policies in November

This is a defining moment for our country. Will we resist the current cruelty or will we take our place in the line of countries that, over the centuries, have dehumanized, isolated and destroyed whole groups of people who sought only to survive?

Daring to Remember is an ongoing series of stories about life in the years before Roe v. Wade and in the face of contemporary attacks on the right to abortionIn these uncertain times, we are fighting for Roe and safe, legal abortion access with our own testimonies about life without choice. We are daring to remember what a nation without safe, legal abortion access looks like.

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Daring to Remember: Stories of Women’s Lives Without Abortion Access

Daring to Remember: Shamed Into Silence, Empowered to Choose

I was admonished to never speak about having given birth as an unwed teenager. I was supposed to pretend like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I was supposed to pick up my life before it had been interrupted.

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