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The Lesbian Poets of Headmistress Press: Amy Lauren and Wendy DeGroat in Conversation

Two lesbian poets talk about sexism, bird songs and the image of God.

Feminists are Fighting the Trump Administration’s Deadly Immigration Policies

The Trump administration’s immigration policies for domestic violence survivors and families have devastating consequences—and feminists are fighting back.

How One Woman’s Story Changed the Laws on Child Marriage in Kentucky

Donna Pollard’s story is a stark reminder that society changes for the better when we listen to women.

The Roving Paleontologist

“We started in the Gobi Dessert with a traveling trunk. Inside the trunk we had dinosaurs—fossils and tools for paleontology. We reached out to nomadic kids in small towns. They looked inside our trunk. It was their first time seeing a dinosaur.”

Ms. Muse: Samantha Thornhill on Calypso Culture, Lost Black Lives and Spirit Channeling

Poet, educator and spoken word artist Samantha Thornhill shares two new poems—and talks to Ms. about writing lost Black lives and the Black women poets who changed her life.

Existential Striptease

In the dim light of a strip club, in prose that manages to be both suitably halting and lyrical, Lisa Birnbaum’s latest novel asks seductive questions as it disrobes a memorable character.

Peace Heroes: How Psychologist Fatima Akilu Rehabilitated Nigeria’s Extremists

In 2012, Dr. Fatima Akilu was appointed to run Nigeria’s first official counter-extremism program in the wake of Boko Haram’s grip on the nation—and integrated de-radicalization and prevention programs across the prison and education systems.

To Reckon with #MeToo, Southern Baptists Need to Reckon With Theology

Paige Patterson’s behavior toward women makes perfectly good sense within a theological context that denies women’s full humanity.

This Week in Women: The Fight Against Sexism in Politics Worldwide Goes On

Women in the U.S. and around the world are shaking up the political system—but institutional sexism still persists.

The Swimsuit Issue

The Miss America pageant’s decision to scrap the swimsuit competition, and their policy of judging contestants based on their physical appearance, is a step forward—but this type of judgement for women still exists in too many workplaces across the country.

From the Latest Issue

Bookmarks: 10 Feminist Books to Read This Spring

These spring reads span the global movement for workers’ rights, toxic masculinity, rape culture and the Trump era. (We’re also excited about two groundbreaking memoirs.)


Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky is Fighting for a #MeToo Moment

“By far our state capitol is the most misogynistic place I have ever worked,” Pennsylvania state Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky (D-161) told Ms.

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