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Minimum Wage Workers Are Still Waiting for a Raise

Over 20 million workers in 21 states are still earning the outdated and unlivable federal minimum wage of $7.50 an hour. 40 percent of workers in those 21 states and 30 percent of workers nationally earn wages that leave them below the poverty line.

How Men Can Be Allies to Women in National Security—And Why They Must

“We need a cultural shift, and men need to show the way. Women want to lead, contribute, excel. Please help us do it.”

Wonder Women, Peace Heroes and Human Security

Despite being left out of formal negotiation processes, women have been at the front lines of peace and security efforts from the beginning.

Q&A: Margaret Cho on Comedy, Feminism and Identity

“To be able to be a perpetual witness to the constant struggle of equality is really a beautiful thing. I love that.”

Trumpcare Exemplifies the Link between Gender Parity and Women’s Rights

Perhaps if the process had included five female Senators, it would have produced a different bill.

Kentucky’s Only Abortion Clinic is Up Against Hundreds of Protestors This Month

Kentucky’s only abortion clinic is once again under siege by anti-abortion extremist group Operation Save America—and feminists are fighting back.

I Almost Died Because of Medical Bias—And I’m Not Alone

What’s missing from the ongoing debates about healthcare policy is how frequently women and members of other marginalized groups face systemic bias in seeking medical care and treatment.

Across the Nation, Indigenous Women Are Fighting for Renewable Energy

“We stand on the truth. We have evidence to back us, science behind us and I think we’re winning.”

Is Wonder Woman a Role Model: Yes, But Do We Really Have to Ask?

The question isnt whether Wonder Woman’s sexy dress, satin tights or even increasingly violent on-screen heroics merit her a role model. The question is: Why we don’t ask the same questions of male superheroes?

From the Salem Witch Trials to Desiree Fairooz: On the Criminalization of Female Laughter

In January, Desiree Fairooz was arrested for laughing during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing. It seems ridiculous—but her indictment is not without precedent.

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