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Word: DIVA
I'm Okay, You're Okay, So Who Gets the Kids? A bitter Florida custody case raises questions about equal parenting and the backlash against working mothers.
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Monica What do feminists make of Ms. Lewinsky?
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Women's Work: Child Care Laborer
I Am An Abortion Doctor
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Old and Broke?
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Maverick feminist Mary Daly in the battle of her career with Jesuit school, Boston College.
Uppity Women: Bina Akhter
Women Organizing Worldwide
Fiction: Half-States & Curses
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She Got Game Barbara Ehrenreich explores women's killer instinct in an interview with author and hunter Mary Zeiss Stange
Religious Law Threatens Pakistani Women
The Denim Defense
The State of Hate-Crime Laws
Breast Cancer: First the Knife, Then the Axe
Girl Athletes Play Hardball
Newsmaker: Penina Rosenblum
The Neverending Sweatshop Saga
Staking a Claim on India's House
FGM: If You Cut, You'd Better Run
Opinion: Guilt Admissions


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  • Women who've had sex with both circumcised and uncircumcised men reportedly prefer the latter, citing better orgasms and less vaginal discomfort among the perks of an intact foreskin.

  • More than 30% of American women say they aren't interested in sex. In a study of 3,400 adults, 25% of the women said they can't achieve orgasm, compared to 8% of the men.

  • High academic scores can make for bedroom "scores": 76% of female college grads report a hearty desire for the horizontal mambo, compared to just 58% of women who didn't finish high school.

  • In the 1860s, the vibrator was created as a cure for female hysteria; 20 years later, it was marketed to women as a home appliance.


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