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Pat Summitt Coaches 800th Victorious Game
by Jennifer Block

Winners, All: (l to r) Tye'sha Fluker, Coach Summitt, Tasha Butts, Ashley Robinson, and Courtney McDaniel (Photo by Wade Payne/AP Photo)

A Title IX success stoty wherein imitation is the sincerest proof of Summitt-ry.

It's the 800 number coaches dream of, and early this year-- January 14, to be specific-- Pat Summitt earned it: coaching 800 victories in NCAA Division I college play. She's only the fourth person-- and the first woman to accomplish this. As head coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers for 28 years (and counting), she's already seen six NCAA titles, 21 Southeastern Conference (SEC) championships, and 17 Final Four matches. In 1998 she became the first women's coach to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated; in 2000 she was named Naismith Coach of the Century, and that same year she was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. And dribble this: She's coached 11 Olympians, 16 Kodak All-Americans, 55 all-SEC performers, and the Naismith Player of the Century, Chamique Holdsclaw. How does she do it? Some say it's tough love, others say it's the infamous "Summitt Stare." Whatever. She's got it, and winning isn't the only thing that moves her; mentoring matters, too. Summitt's a stickler for academics-- if you cut class, you don't play. Every Lady Vol leaves U of T with a degree. Plus, 23 of Summitt's players have gone on to become collegiate coaches themselves. So it's not unusual for her to face her own proteges across the court. "I'm really proud of all the players who've done well in the coaching ranks," Summitt told Ms. "How fortunate I've been to be at a university that supported women's basketball; I can't say enough about what U of T did when Title IX was passed."




* Learn more about women and girls in sports.
* Watch women's athletics. For example, check out final games of the 2003 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.
* Stand up for Title IX! Whether you are a women's sports fan, a proud relative of a female athlete, or a player yourself, Title IX needs your help. Sign the WNBA petition and tell President George W. Bush and Secretary of Education Roderick Paige that you support equal opportunities for girls and women in sports.

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