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spring 2003
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The Feminist To-Do List by Gloria Steinem
Ms. Poll Feminist Tide Sweeps In as the 21st Century Begins by Lorraine Dusky
Affirmative Action on Trial by Teresa Stern
Women on Death Row by Claudia Dreifus
In the Thick of Life at 70 by Jessica Chornesky

Special Action Alert
Women Take Action Worldwide
Listing: Coalitions and Groups
National Council of Women's Organizations Statement on War with Iraq
NCWO Partial Members List
Why Peace is (More Than Ever) a Feminist Issue
by Grace Paley

Writing of War and Its Consequences
Ghosts of Home by Patricia Sarrafian Ward
Tales from an Ordinary Iranian Girlhood by Marjane Satrapi
Snow in Summer: LA, CA, 1963 by Helen Zelon

Pat Summitt's 800th Victory
Augusta Golf Club's Red Face
National Map of Priest Abuse
Women Warriors
Lesbians with Strollers
Kopp Trial
Trouble in Herat, Afghanistan
Reproductive Rights in Poland
Health Clinics in Guatemala
Congolese Women for Peace
Global Good News Round-Up
The Opposite of a Nuclear Bomb

Lower Breast Cancer Risks by Liz Galst
The Making of an Activist by Gloria Feldt
Nature Conservancy Gains by Rachel Rabkin
Harvard Stumbles on Rape Rules by Lorraine Dusky
The Bush Overhaul of Federal Courts by Stephanie B. Goldberg
My Friend Yeshi by Alice Walker

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Code Pink Peace Rally, Washington DC (March 8)
Photo by Lisa Bennett, courtesy of NOW

Coalitions and Groups Advocating Nonviolence


* Code Pink. Women's Preemptive Strike for Peace
Code Pink was organized by Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange, Starhawk, and Jodie Evans of UnReasonable Women to oppose war in Iraq from a feminist perspective. Code Pink's four- month peace vigil In front of the White House ended on March 8, International Women's Day. Members of Code Pink traveled to Iraq in early February on a peace mission.

* Win Without War
Win Without War is a broad coalition of national organizations, founded by Susan Shaer of WAND; David Cortright of Fourth Freedom forum; Duane Peterson of True Majority; Bob Edgar of National Council of Churches; Michael Kieschnick of Working Assets, and Wes Boyd of Move0n, advocating alternatives to preemptive war In Iraq. The coalition offers a mainstream voice. Win Without War sponsored the Virtual March on Washington on February 26 and coalition members have launched innovative TV ad campaigns.

* United for Peace and Justice
United for Peace and Justice, co-chaired by Andrea Buffa of Global Exchange, Leslie Cagan of Pacifica, and Bill Fletcher of TransAfrica, is an umbrella peace campaign bringing together the work of human rights, feminist, civil rights, environmental, anti-poverty, lesbian and gay, religious, and peace groups united, in opposition to a war in Iraq. The coalition organized the February 15 mobilization in New York.

* MoveOn
MoveOn, founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, is working to bring ordinary people back into politics. With a
nationwide network of more than 600,000 online activists, MoveOn conducts large-scale, grassroots campaigns on issues ranging from
the war in Iraq to judicial nominations, MoveOn's peace campaign was founded by Eli Pariser, a recent college graduate.

* Not In Our Name (NION)
NION was formed to "strengthen and expand resistance to the U.S. government's course in the wake of September 11." Many prominent artists, activists, and intellectuals, including Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, Eve Ensler, and Robin Morgan, have signed onto the NION statement of conscience, which has appeared in full-page ads in major publications.

* International A.N.S.W.E.R (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) Formed by the International Action Center, Nicaragua Network, Mexico Solidarity Network, and Partnership for Civil Justice after September 11 to stop the rush to war and end racism. A.N.S.W.E.R led three massive demonstrations in Washington D.C. The organizing is entirely volunteer-driven, and is led by Sarah Sloan and Sara Friedman.


* Women's Action for New Directions (WAND)
Founded by anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott in 1982, WAND empowers women to act politically to reduce violence and militarism, and redirect excessive military resources toward unmet human and environmental needs. Actively involved in anti-war coalitions, executive director Susan Shaer serves as national co-chair of Win Without War.

* National Organization for Women (NOW)
with almost half a million members and hundreds of chapters across the country, is working with Code Pink and other women's peace organizations to organize feminist actions against the war. NOW president Kim Gandy spoke at the February 15 rally in New York City as well as the International Women's Day peace march and rally on March 8.

* Global Exchange
Global Exchange, under the leadership of Medea Benjamin, works to increase global awareness among the US public while building international partnerships. Its leaders are organizing for Code Pink and United for Peace and Justice.

* Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
WILPF has written an open letter of support and solidarity to the women of Iraq, pledging their commitment to opposing a preemptive strike on Iraq and calling on women worldwide to engage in nonviolent action for peace.

* Women's Employment and Development Organization (WEDO)
Co-founded by the late Bella Abzing, WEOO seeks to empower women worldwide for social justice, a healthy and peaceful planeti and human rights for All. With international feminist organizations, WEDO prepared a statement at the World Social forum opposing the Iraq war.

* Lysistrata Project
On March 3, readings of the Greek play Lysistrata, were held all over the country to benefit non-profit groups working for peace and humanitarian aid for Iraq. At least 782 readings were scheduled in 43 countries and all 50 states to voice opposition to a war against Iraq, and celebrities such as Kyra Sedgwick, Christine Lahti, and Kevin Bacon participated. Founded by actors Kathryn Blume and Sharron Bower, the project includes a study guide to teach students about peaceful resistance.

* Sisterhood Is Global Institute (SIGI)
Founded by feminist scholar Robin Morgan, the Sisterhood Is Global Institute, based In Quebec, holds regular peace cafes, bringing together women activists from Canada and abroad. SIGI is working with Canadian coalitions for peace and is active in peace vigils.

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