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Feminist Visions for the New Administration

Special Inaugural Issue of Ms. magazine

It’s not every day Ms. puts a man on the cover.

But in choosing the cover for our special Winter 2009 Inaugural issue—on newsstands January 27th--Ms. wanted to capture both the national and feminist mood of high expectations as the 44th President of the United States took the oath of office.

In the cover story, “Visions for Change,” feminist leaders, experts, activists and Ms. readers share their visions of how we can move forward at this extraordinary time. Eleanor Smeal, publisher of Ms., warns, “For our hopes to be achieved, we must speak out and organize, organize, organize. Ultimately, we must hold our leaders' feet to the fire or, to put it more positively, uplift them when they are caught in the crosscurrents of competing interests.”

Several of the other features and columns explore key policy issues anticipated for early action under the Obama administration.

Obama has promised to invest substantial dollars in early childhood education programs. Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Cornelia Grumman, in the feature piece “Beyond Babysitting,” explains why children need better education before kindergarten.

Comprehensive immigration reform is high on the president’s agenda. In the feature “Ana’s Choice,” University of California, Santa Cruz Latino/a studies professor Patricia Zavella examines the pressing need for humane immigration reform, as she takes us behind the scenes with Mexican immigrants trying to keep their families safe and intact.

Also promised is stronger action in Afghanistan. Alisa Tang’s on-the-ground report from Kabul, “Lives on The Line,” illustrates how Afghan women’s lives have been increasingly threatened by a resurgent Taliban.

Obama should not overlook jobs for women in the economic recovery package, writes Ms. Money editor Martha Burk in her column “Rescue Remedy.”

Note to editors: Executive editor Katherine Spillar, publisher Eleanor Smeal, Mavis Leno (chair of the Campaign for Afghan Women and Girls), and writers Cornelia Grumman, Patricia Zavella and Martha Burk are available for interviews.

Pdfs of articles or review copies of the issue are available upon request.