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Ms. Releases Report on Obama’s First 100 Days: Giant Strides for Women

Ms. magazine’s editors conclude President Obama took “Giant Strides for Women” in his first 100 days. He not only reversed some of the most egregious Bush policies, but also took powerful actions to advance and empower women.

“By any measure, the work President Obama has done for women and girls in the first 100 days is impressive. I have been working for women’s rights in Washington since the Carter days and I have never seen anything like these first 100 days,” said Eleanor Smeal, Publisher of Ms. “In employment, reproductive rights, and global women’s rights, thus far he is keeping his promises.

“In looking at the list of accomplishments, we’re checking off major goals for women’s rights at a rapid pace,” said Ms. Executive Editor Kathy Spillar. “We’re excited a large portion of Obama’s appointments are women of color, but his appointments are one area in which he could improve. He has appointed some outstanding women, but only 32% of his top appointments, thus far, are women (using the Washington Post Tracking Poll).”

Listed below are key Obama Administration actions for women and children:

The spring 2009 issue of Ms. also reviews the economic stimulus package and reproductive health initiatives of the new Obama Administration as well as the new Obama/Clinton foreign policy approaches.