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Ms. in the Classroom

If you are looking for the perfect text that covers current feminist topics and activism from an intersectional and transnational lens, consider adding the popular Ms. in the Classroom as a required text on your syllabus. It's used by instructors for all levels of women's studies courses in hundreds of programs across the country. You'll have access to the ever-growing digital collection of Ms. magazines, including:

Also available to help instructors get started:

Ms. Digital Reader

Introducing the new Ms. Digital Reader: Gender, Race and Class - the first of its kind compilation of classic and current articles from the pages of Ms. magaazine, 1972 - present. The reader is edited by Aviva Dove-Viebahn and Karon Jolna and introduced by Beverly Guy-Sheftall. The collection of over 150+ articles and blogs are written by some of the most pathbreaking and widely read feminist writers, scholars and activists. Preview the reader today (PDF).

Questions? Email program director Karon Jolna, Ph.D.