From the Stacks: Pre-1972 Women’s History Quiz

Can you name 10 women who have made important contributions to American history and development? (No presidents’ wives, writers or singers—and no one living today.)

If this was difficult, try naming 10 men. Easy?

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve gone back into the archives and found this delightful quiz originally printed in the September 1972 issue of Ms., written by Gerda Lerner.

Try your hand at feminist history with these 18 questions. Whether you know the answers or not, they may be a pleasant surprise.

Let’s just say if you get more than 9 right, you’re a feminist genius. Click the thumbnail to the left to see the original answer sheet.

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Alexandra was a 2010 editorial intern at Ms. who helped launch the Ms. Blog. She is from Climax, Minnesota and has written for the Grand Forks Herald, the University Chronicle, the St. Cloud Times and Ms. She is now copy-editing for Live Nation/Ticketmaster, and is looking for employment in nonprofits, journalism/PR and/or women's rights. Check out her resume at!