Emergency Contraception: Back Up Your BC Today!

Photo courtesy of Back up Your Birth Control.

Today marks the ninth annual Back up Your Birth Control Day to support access to emergency contraception, or EC. Right now, women and men aged 17 and older can access EC like Plan B over the counter without a prescription, but those who are 16 or under need a prescription from a doctor.

One year ago yesterday a district court said the FDA had “acted in bad faith and in response to political pressure” in its decision to force anyone under 17 get a prescription to purchase EC. The court ordered the FDA to look at the evidence involving age restriction again and reconsider OTC access for 17-year-olds. The FDA has still been mute on the issue.

Because much of EC’s effectiveness is based on how fast the woman takes it, we need to end the time-consuming and embarrassing hoops women are forced to go through to get the drug. Tell the FDA and White House to make EC legal for everyone without a prescription.

UPDATE: In 2013, a federal judge struck down the age restriction requirements on obtaining emergency contraception. Read up-to-date coverage on birth control and contraception from Ms. here


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