A Return to Sisterhood

In the wake of anti-feminist backlash, and fueled by the fear of being an “out” feminist (think: “I’m not a feminist, but…”), the concept and power of sisterhood has faded away. But perhaps it is (high) time for the return of this simple, yet powerful, idea.

Sisters: Talk to each other, be connected and informed, form women’s circles, share your stories, work together and take risks. Together we are invincible. There is nothing to be afraid of. – Isabel Allende

Finding the courage to speak, to fight and to be our genuine selves by connecting with other strong women is the message of Marianne Schnall‘s forthcoming collection of courageous quotations by influential women, Daring to Be Ourselves.

Sharing our experiences, speaking our truths and finding power in our collective knowledge are not dated concepts, but projects we must take up–again–because rape still isn’t funny, and violence against women still isn’t sexy, and smirking apologies, year after year, for these same violations are simply unacceptable.

It doesn’t matter what word we use; if it has the same content, it will be treated in the same way. There are other words–there’s “womanist,” there’s “mujerista,” there’s women’s liberationist”–all mean the same thing and they get the same ridicule. I think we just need to choose what word we feel comfortable with that says women are full human beings, and whatever that word is, it will get a lot of opposition. But it will also attract a lot of support. But this is a revolution, not a public relations movement. – Gloria Steinem

Sisterhood is still powerful.

Photo from Flickr user discoodoni under Creative Commons 2.0.


Stephanie hails from Toronto, Canada. She is a Ms. writer, a master of journalism candidate and a hip hop dancer/instructor/choreographer. She got her start in feminist journalism at the age of 16 when she was a member of the first editorial collective at Shameless magazine—and she has never looked back.