Top 10 Ms. Blog Posts of 2010

As the year draws to a close, we at the Ms. Blog look back proudly on our first nine months of blogging (we began on March 8, International Women’s Day). We’ve put up 1,000 posts, had more than a million visitors and enjoyed nearly 10,000 comments from you, our very interactive readers.  Can’t wait to be even bigger and better in 2011!

So Happy New Year, feminist friends–we raise a glass of bubbly to you! And here’s to our 10 most popular posts of the past year:

1. “Cheerleader Required to Cheer for Man Who Assaulted Her,” by Caroline Heldman

2. “Feminist Hulk Smash Exclusive Interview with Ms.,” by Audrey Bilger

3. “Mattel’s New Monster High Dolls Play on Old School Stereotypes,” by Elline Lipkin

4. “10 Things Men and Boys Can Do to Stop Human Trafficking,” by Jewel Woods

5. “The Men, and Women, of Yale,” by Michael Kimmel

6. “Unretouched Photos: Empowering or Just More ‘Empower-tainment’?” by Melanie Klein

7. “Where Are All the Atheist Women? Right Here,” by Jen McCreight

8. “Gender 101 from Iron Man 2,” by Natalie Wilson

9. “Hey Bart Stupak, How Does it Feel?” by Jeanne Clark

10. “The Next 10 Myths About Abortion,” by Carol King

Photo of Feminist Hulk