Yes, Comment! And the Femmy Goes to . . .

With the success of last week’s “Yes, Comment!” Awards, we have created what we affectionately call “The Femmys”. We will nominate the top three comments of the week, and then bring it to a vote. The winner will receive that week’s Femmy, and glory. Lots of glory.

This week’s Femmy nomination for “Best Use of Sarcasm to Make a Very Valid Point” goes to Lauren Karaffa for her response to a hater on “Was the Shooting of Giffords a Hate Crime?“:

I’m so sorry that you have been exposed to so many militant leftist feminists. How terrible for you. Give me a break. Women have to deal with misogyny everywhere they look. The fact that he wrote, “Die Bitch” specifically indicates his hatred of women as motivation … Plain and simple.

Sharon walks away with the Femmy nomination for “Best Looong Reach for a Silver Lining” for her comment on “Newsflash: Iowa Bills Would Allow for Public Execution of Abortion Providers“:

Let me get this straight…Iowa allows gay and lesbian marriage, but wants to kill off abortion providers? So are straight people going to stampede out of Iowa and be replaced by gays and lesbians? Could Iowa become the first state dominated by us gays and lesbians? I better study up on how to grow corn…

Commenter aprohricht racks up a Femmy nomination for “Best Use of Parenthetical And the Word ‘Hussy’ with her reaction to “Lara Logan Should Have Stayed Home Because She is a ‘Mommy‘”:

That he mentions that her child is from her (gasp!) second marriage is also ridiculous and is clearly an attempt to paint her as some sort of hussy.

So, which comment deserves the Femmy for “Best Use of Rhetorical Tools, Specifically Those That Make Us Proud to Be Feminists”?

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