Celebrating One Year of Fearless Feminist Reporting on the Ms. Blog

Today marks the celebration of the 100th International Women’s Day, Feminist Coming Out Day–and the one-year anniversary of the Ms. Blog!

And what a year it’s been. We’ve published more than 1,000 articles from 200+ bloggers around the world. We’ve covered stories in Haiti, Guyana, Afghanistan, Sweden, Bahrain, Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines, Egypt and beyond, and the Blog has been visited by people from six continents, as Google shows us below. (For all we know, it might be 7–Google omits Antarctica!–so give us a heads up if you know Ms. Blog readers in or around the South Pole.)

We covered a lot in our first year. Here’s a look back:

Our maids are just like slaves! This gem was reprinted in the No Comment section of the June 1978 issue of Ms.
  • But then again sometimes it doesn’t.

    Left: Photo of Spike TV ad campaign; Right: Cover of Hustler, June 1978.

What would earlier feminists have thought of blogging? In the words of Dave Dismore, “If they’d had blogging, it wouldn’t have taken until 1920 to get the vote!” We certainly love doing the Ms. Blog, as much as we love making Ms. magazine. In fact, to celebrate our “paper” anniversary, why not subscribe to our print magazine? That’s where we go into greater depth about the crucial feminist issues of the time. And, frankly, the blog doesn’t exist without the flagship magazine, so we can’t keep up the blog without the support of our subscribers. Already a subscriber? It makes a great gift!!

With your support, we’ll continue to see you in feminist cyberspace for years to come!


Annie is the Community Editor at The Nation and the former New Media Coordinator at Ms. magazine. She studied sociology and women's studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She's a big fan of birds, plants and things that are funny. Her animal totem is the bat.