NEWS BRIEF: Mississippi Personhood Amendment Might Really Pass

Tomorrow, Mississippi will vote on a personhood amendment that would declare fertilized eggs to be “people.” Frighteningly, a Public Policy poll conducted over the weekend shows that this measure–which could ban Plan B and birth control and lead to investigations into miscarriages, in addition to criminalizing all abortion–really might pass. According to Mother Jones, the poll found that 45 percent of voters support the amendment, while 44 percent oppose it. White male Republicans are most likely to be in favor of the amendment, while the majority of women, African Americans and Democrats are against it. Despite publicly expressing concern over the far-reaching implications of the amendment, Republican Gov. Haley Barbour has voted for it via absentee ballot.

It’s not too late: Get involved with No on 26.

Picture from Flickr user Florian under Creative Commons 2.0.


Holly L. Derr is the Head of Graduate Directing at the University of Memphis and a feminist media critic who uses the analytical tools of theater to reflect upon broader issues of culture, race and gender. Follow her @hld6oddblend.