Virginia Vote on Ultrasound Law Delayed

Virginia Republicans again delayed a vote on SB484, the bill that would require a woman undergo a transvaginal ultrasound before having an abortion.

The bill is widely unpopular among Virginia voters and has been one of the targets of two protest rallies on the State Capital grounds that drew over 1,000 men and women on Monday.

There’s early evidence to suggest the crusade against women’s rights is starting to strain even conservatives. According to at least one report, some Republicans may attempt to soften the bill to make the ultrasound optional rather than mandatory. But others have said they are unaware of any effort to amend or table the ultrasound bill. Passage seems certain in the House where a nearly identical bill passed the Senate.

Gov. Bob McDonnell supports the bill but has refused to commit a position on this specific bill given the controversy.

This is good news, even though there’s still a long road ahead in nearly every state in this country. But if we keep the pressure up, if we continue to demand that lawmakers stop this ridiculous war on women’s health, we can prevent the right from rolling back decades of gains made by women.

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