No Comment: The Singapore-Mentos Hookup

Every August 9, Singapore celebrates National Day, a commemoration of when the country gained its independence from Malaysia in 1965. And now, thanks to the mint brand Mentos, Singaporeans have another event to celebrate on August 9: National Night.

Inspired by the country’s decreasing birth rate, Mentos teamed up with the Singaporean government to produce a campaign designed to encourage “financially secure [Singaporean] adults in stable, committed long-term relationships” to reproduce. “This August 9th,” the Facebook page announces, “Mentos calls on you to show your love for Singapore. Celebrate National Night by giving our country the population spurt it so desperately needs.” To help get things moving, Mentos provides couples with a song:

Accompanied by awkwardly-provocative imagery (“tap you all night like an EZ link card”; “let’s put a bao in your oven”), the male rapper repeatedly insists that getting pregnant is Singaporean women’s “national duty”:

  • “It’s time to do our civic duty.”
  • “It’s national night, and I want a baby, boo / I know you want it, so does the SDU.”
  • “I ain’t lying, baby, this is national duty.”
  • “Let me SMS the details of our late night dooty call.”

To clarify: it is not any woman’s “duty” to become pregnant. Pregnancy, abortion, contraception and reproductive healthcare in general are decisions that belong to women, not to their government.

But I’m probably just getting offended by the song and should “get [my] National Night on.”

Still from Mentos National Night video