10 Awesome Feminist Films From the ’90s

mi_vida_loca_movieThe 1990s were a decade of witchy fashion, Tamagotchis, glitter pens and pop stars. Although many glorious (or terrible—you decide) trends came out of the ’90s, my all-time favorite was, hello, riot grrrl and other ’90s-era feminisms.

During that decade, many artists used film as a tool to critically examine political and social issues using a feminist lens. Although some films from the previous decade, such as 9 to 5, for example, had dabbled with the f-word, many ’90s films were created as a new kind of feminism—a more intersectional one, to be sure—was emerging. And it shows.

Browse the slideshow below to view some classic feminist films of the ’90s, and reflect on how awesome it was to have such empowering women as lead characters.



Gisselli Rodriguez (@gisselli) is an editorial intern at Ms. She is studying gender and women's studies with a concentration in media and journalism.