Meet the Mother and Daughter Live-Tweeting the Destruction in Aleppo

In the midst of a disastrous conflict that has been largely ignored, a mother and daughter have taken to Twitter to compel the world to pay attention to devastation in Aleppo. Bana al-Abed, 7, and her mother, Fatemah, are now using Twitter to tell a desperate story of fear and survival as bombs drop from the sky.

Violence in Syria has escalated over a 5 year time span with some of the most hard to digest images appearing over the last several weeks. The brunt of this conflict has fallen disproportionately on the lives of women and girls.

They have also asked users to use the hashtag #SaveAleppo to bring attention to the crisis.

Users from all of the world have responded.

While the mother and daughter have been largely supported by their growing network of nearly 55 thousand followers, some have questioned the legitimacy of the Tweets. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accused the account of being run by terrorists and fake accounts are rampant.

Bana al-Abed responded to the accusation from Assad on Twitter, posting: “I’m not a terrorist, I just want to live and no bombing please.” Her mother also responded in a recent web interview with the BBC. “All the words come from the heart,” Fatemah said. “All are the truth.”




Michele Sleighel is a former Research Assistant at the Feminist Majority Foundation. She has an MA in Communication at the University of Texas in San Antonio and a BS in PR from the University of Texas in Austin and is very proud of her El Paso roots. Find her on Twitter @MicheleSleighel