PHOTO ESSAY: These 13 Women Are the U.K.’s Next Generation of Engineers

My photo project “Women in STEM: The New Generation of Engineers” is a portrait series targeted at young women. The project subtly asks why there aren’t more women in the STEM field through the participants discussing their own experiences and where their interest stemmed from.

During my interviews with the women pictured, the reasons behind why they think there aren’t more women and their experience of being a woman in a male dominated world did crop in—but what a lot of these women said is that when they are working, they’re just a scientist or an engineer, not a female scientist or a female engineer. It’s only at conferences or when they’re talking to people outside the field that gender comes up.

You can view some of the images and meet the women in the series below. To view the full project set to an audio track, click here.

Stephanie Smith‘s documentary photography is implicitly linked to British society. Perception and stereotype are constant themes in her practice and research into different projects is predominantly focused on talking to people to uncover what people’s preconceptions are, and then challenging them through photography. With a powerful belief that imagery has the power to educate and inform people, whether or not they realize it, her work is centered on telling individuals stories to open up eyes to wider social issues.