Seven Last-Minute Feminist Father’s Day Gifts

Sometimes the societal norms pushed on men make shopping for your father figure tough. Luckily, it isn’t too late to get a feminist Father’s Day gift! These seven gifts can be rushed right to your door—and they’ll say everything you were trying to say. (They’re better than that tobacco scented candle you were gonna buy at the mall, too.)

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Kelsey Cochran is an Editorial Intern at Ms. and a senior at Gettysburg College majoring in Globalization Studies with a focus in Western media portrayal of Arab countries. She aspires to be a photojournalist and has previously been published in her hometown’s independent newspaper The Bay Weekly. When she isn’t tracking down subjects to interview for her next article, you can find her running on the rugby field, taking her friend’s next profile picture or talking about her time spent abroad for the hundredth time.