AG Jeff Sessions Spoke Tonight on Behalf of an Anti-Gay Hate Group

Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke this evening on behalf of a hate group and in defense of an anti-gay business at a “religious liberty” summit in Los Angeles.

Molly Adams

“You can judge a person by the company they keep,” Joel Kasnetz, a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, said in a recent statement, “and tonight, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is choosing to spend his time speaking in front of one of the country’s leading anti-LGBTQ hate groups.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom—named a hate group earlier this year by the Southern Poverty Law Center based on their anti-LGBT record—organized the event. Some of ADF’s self-proclaimed key goals include criminalizing homosexuality abroad, ending same-sex marriage and revoking women’s constitutional right to safe and legal abortion care. The ADF has said that that with the legalization of gay marriage, America has seen the “degradation of our human dignity” that has led to “a deification of deviant sexual practices.”

Keeping in tone with the active suppression of the ongoing hate, oppression and danger faced by members of the LGBTQ community on a daily basis, ADF has claimed that the LGBTQ community gaining more rights has led to “the inevitable and aggressive persecution of devout Christians who refuse to bow to the false god of sexual license.” It comes as no surprise, then, that ADF is is the legal group supporting Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop, who refused in 2012 to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Sessions’ speech will be closed to the press.




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