8 Great Feminist YouTube Channels to Tune Into

YouTube generates over one billion minutes of mobile video views per day, and activists are taking advantage of its power. With an abundant availability of quality tech equipment, and the enticing potential to reach such a sizable global audience, young activists have taken to YouTube in an effort to impart their messages of social justice.

The media platform allows for creators to provide concise, thoroughly informative pieces with full authorial proprietorship. These social activists— or “social justice warriors” and “SJWs,” as they are referred to by their proponents with veneration, and their opponents with sardonic contempt— can present points of significance in unique, entertaining ways. They conduct their own research, compile their own statements and edit their own content, thereby establishing their own distinctive voice within a budding community of Internet innovators.

The YouTubers who engage in this form of activism inhabit a wide range of classifications on the spectrum of intersectional feminism, and the importance of this diversity cannot be understated. In conjunction with presenting fact-based, statistical arguments, these activists ground their videos with intimate accounts of bigotry and inequality from their own experiences.

Here are 8 great feminists making some mighty waves on YouTube.

Sarah Alexander is a recent graduate of Cal State Northridge. In addition to being a writer, she is a visual and performing artist, and attempts to use film, music and online platforms to spark conversation about social activism. She is an anomalous LA native, which affects her personality in a plethora of unique ways.

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Sarah Samantha Alexander is a writer, actor, and musician from Los Angeles, CA. She attempts to use visual and performative arts to spark meaningful conversation about social and political activism. She currently teaches Special Education for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Find her on Instagram or at her Website.