The Paris Agreement Wasn’t Just About the Environment—It Was About Human Rights

The Trump Administration this week officially withdrew from the Paris Agreement, a global pledge by nearly 200 countries to cut emissions and support poorer nations as they begin to feel the worst consequences of climate change.

Climate strikers in Washington, D.C. (Susan Melkisethian / Creative Commons)

This announcement confirms what we already know: This administration does not care about the environment, or about human rightsThis move neglects our moral responsibility to take action against climate change as the biggest historical polluter.

The destruction caused by climate change amplifies our society’s inequalities. The harm of racism, classism and sexism are felt more strongly as the climate crisis worsens—and yet women, non-binary and LGBTQ+ people are also leading the fight for environmental justice. They consistently show leadership to find solutions for their families and communities, driving equitable and just solutions in times of unprecedented change.

You can read more about the Trump administration announcement at the New York Times.


Jessica Olson is the International Climate Campaign Representative at the Sierra Club.