How to Celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Voting Rights and Make “Good Trouble”

How to Celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Voting Rights and Make “Good Trouble"

U.S. democracy is under attack, and millions of voters are at risk of not being able to cast a ballot and have that ballot counted.

Every day, the news brings more stories of nefarious actions being taken by states, by outside special interest groups, and by foreign entities to confuse, isolate, and disenfranchise the votes and voices of American citizens.

And voter suppression efforts have been numerous:

  • purges of millions of voter registrations in the states;
  • imposition of onerous voter ID laws;
  • cuts to early voting;
  • exact signature match requirements;
  • unprocessed voter registrations;
  • crackdowns on voter registration groups; and
  • reduction of polling sites.

Russian interference will continue to be active during the 2020 election season—in the form of incorrect information about candidates and about voting sites and dates.

Gerrymandering has reduced the impact of voices of people of color and other disenfranchised groups. The list of ways that the vote has been suppressed goes on and on. 

Leaders and organizations around the country are responding to these threats. 

And you can too—by attending the virtual, interactive summit,“Protecting America’s Vote: Our March to the Ballot Box” August 6-8.

How to Celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Voting Rights and Make “Good Trouble"

Register for the free, virtual event here!

Through presentations by a diverse cadre of nationally known speakers and substantive work shops, the summit will provide the information, tools and organizational skills and resources to protect our votes this fall and in the future—as well as discuss ways to increase voter registration; conduct effective voter contact; voter mobilization; voter protection; and to effectively protect voters in this “virus voting” environment.

The summit kicks off on Thursday, August 6, with an opening prayer and remarks.

View the whole schedule here.


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