Weekend Reading on Women’s Representation: Women Lawmakers Urge “Immediate Ceasefire in Ukraine”; U.S. Women’s Soccer Scores in Equal Pay Lawsuit

Weekend Reading for Women’s Representation is a compilation of stories about women’s representation.

This week: Women elected officials urge an “immediate ceasefire in Ukraine”; Women’s National Soccer team settled an equal pay lawsuit with the U.S. Soccer Federation; the “authority gap” between men and women; just 0.2 percent of elected positions are held by LGBTQ people

How Digital Media is Threatening Women’s Rights and Democracy

As feminist activists take advantage of the U.N. Women 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence globally and as the U.S. Department of State Summit for Democracy launches in the United States, we must recognize that women who challenge the status quo and speak out against injustice and inequality are facing an increasing amount of online abuse.

Gendered disinformation and online abuse against women in politics are not only a problem for the women who are targeted, but undermine women’s rights and democracy at large. 

We Heart: Comedian Carolyn Castiglia Welcomes Women Into Stand-Up Comedy

In the male-dominated field of stand-up comedy, it’s rare to find spaces that champion the development of female comics. That’s why we love Carolyn Castiglia: a performer, writer, producer, director and teacher committed to creating spaces where women thrive.

Castiglia gave Ms. 10 tips she tells her students to orient themselves in the space of comedy and develop their own point of view.