U.S. Swim Coach McKeever Shows Doubters the Gold

Teri McKeever has long suspected the timing of her vanguard promotion as the first woman coach for the U.S. Olympic women’s swim team in December of 2010 might have been questionned by some. That’s because 2010 marked a sad year in the history of the swimming world–one fraught with sexual abuse scandals involving male coaches […]

The Olympics Are Coming! So Let Us Play!

As the 2012 Olympic swimming trials in Omaha came to a close Monday night and a new round of female Olympians were born, first-time Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin reminded us that each generation of women athletes stands on the shoulders of the last. Moments after beating out 29-year-old veteran Olympian Natalie Coughlin on Wednesday in […]

If You Liked “Brave,” You’ll Love Korra

If you’re excited about Brave’s strong, independent, animated hero Merida making her way to the big screen today, then check out Nickelodeon’s animated television hero Korra, who makes her way to the little screen this Saturday for the season finale of “The Legend of Korra“. For those not already hooked on the fantasy superpowers of […]