We Heart: Iceland Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Officially topping the list of countries we love is Iceland. Iceland’s Parliament, Althingi, voted unanimously (49 to 0) on June 11 to legalize gay marriage. The nation of about 320,000 people has become one of eight countries in the world to allow same-sex marriage. First in line for a license, figuratively speaking, was Iceland’s openly […]

Newsflash: USA Swimming = Catholic Church?

20/20 has broken news of pervasive sexual misconduct and abuse by coaches in USA Swimming, the governing body that oversees all levels of the sport, including the Olympics. Thirty-six coaches in the past 10 years have been banned for secretly videotaping, molesting, and/or raping young swimmers. But like the Catholic Church, USA Swimming apparently kept […]

UN Climate Panel Lacks Women

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, has created a UN group that will oversee financing to developing countries to help fight global warming. Problem is, of the 19 team members appointed, none were women.